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Cabling Site Surveys | Dallas-Fort Worth

Cabling site surveys are crucial to having a successful project. More importantly cabling site surveys help the technician identify obstacles and figure out resolutions before the work begins. Therefore, this allows for an accurate quote and to determine if any special tools would be needed such as a scissor lift for high environments or a hammer drill to penetrate concrete walls etc. Politon has performed site surveys for data cabling in many types of environments nationwide from complex manufacturing facilities to more simple retail environments.

Cabling Site Surveys

Politon, Inc. performs Site Surveys for Companies nationwide from the asset tag identification to IT Hardware inventory.

Sample locations for a cabling survey:

  • Commercial and Office Buildings
  • Retail Locations
  • Churches
  • Industrial locations such as distribution centers and plants.

Services Surveyed:

  • Network Installation
  • IT Upgrades
  • Telecom Room Services
  • Relay Rack & Sever Cabinet Installations
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Cable Removal
  • Serial Number and Asset Tag Inventories

Networks Surveyed:

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Denton, TX

Our team led by Clint Polly installed four security cameras along the exterior of the building. Strategically pointed at the backyard, parking lot, front, and side porches. An interesting feature we installed at the CCC included a monitor located directly by the front door for students to be aware of their surroundings at a glance and have a sense of safety as they leave the building. A hurdle our team overcame began with the installation of the wiring for the revamped security system. As the building is multistory, there was no crawl space or attic, so we had to run conduit along the edge of the interior of the building that then penetrated to the outside of the building. However, we overcame this obstacle by adding a conduit solution with no exposed cabling for more security. Our team worked tirelessly to complete this project promptly to ensure that the students at the Christan Campus Community were comfortable walking around their own building.

Dallas, TX

In order to secure their Wi-Fi connection, we added seven new Wi-Fi access points that allow their handheld RF guns to be used efficiently anywhere in the warehouse. Before the day was complete, we also installed a dual network drop to accommodate a new workstation and provided a sixteen-port network switch that was uplinked to all the new Wi-Fi access points.

South lake, TX

We connected the two floors of Texas Security Bank with a multi-mode fiber optic cable. With the primary data room downstairs, we were tasked with feeding the fibers upstairs to different network cabinets. After connecting the first floor to the second, we installed three new access points across the building. In order to give the customer the utmost satisfaction, we installed upwards of 75 data cables, allowing for seamless connection between the bank’s teller systems, ATM machines, in house PC's, and many other appliances that required a Wi-Fi connection. Our team also installed all of the network hardware, which included the network switch, firewalls, and battery backups. At the request of the customer, we also added these to the large wall-mount cabinet that fit the specs of their equipment list.

Fort Worth, TX

Their current technology was originally located on multiple different floors, but Politon helped to connect each of these locations for greater efficiency. Politon added two post data rack from the MDF to the cubicles located on the fifth floor, which took about 200 CAT-6 data drops. They then added multimodal fiber between the new data room with the new post rack and the MDF and proceeded to create a new IDF on a different floor to better feed connections to future users. Politon also assisted with cabling for security purposes by pulling cables from eight different access points and POE cameras around the suite in hopes of providing optimal assistance. By the end of the project, the insurance company was highly satisfied with the work done by Politon and were delighted to consider themselves a customer of their company.

McKinney, TX

They first ran multimodal fiber to the first floor, where they had just installed a new suite. Politon made sure that all their offices had data cable by installing a network cable that increases available fiber connections. Morrow Renewables also gave Politon their network switch to install in this location, where Politon also put in a new battery that they provided for the customer. The key to this situation was a turn-key tabling solution, where Politon did everything to extend the entire network down to the suite. Everything was working perfectly once Politon fired everything up. From there, Politon installed a customer-provided wifi access point in the center and the ceiling of their main office, which would allow for greater wifi coverage from all locations of the facility. Whether customers were on the first floor or the third floor, everyone would have the same wifi network thanks to the OM-3 strand multimodal fiber that Politon installed. By the end of the project, Morrow Renewables was extremely satisfied with the work completed by Politon.

Dallas, TX

Continental Electronics Corporation(CEC) is the premier manufacturer of advanced radio frequency and broadcast transmission. They have completed various projects and are among the leading competitors in high-power transmitters. In fact, CEC very own high-power transmitters are used by the Navy forces around the globe to communicate with submarine fleets as well as NASA to communicate with spacecraft. While on their campus our team pulled six stands of multimode armored fiber across the building. In order to do this we drilled holes in the wall to allow for the fiber to easily reach the opposite side of the campus. However, while running the cables our team found asbestosis in the older parts of the building. This added an unforeseen obstacle but our team worked tirelessly to work around the situation. By the end of this project, both Continental Electronics corporations was happy to have a new area of their department fully operational with their very own network switch.