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Forney, TX

This Wifi installation at a church in Forney was pretty typical when installing cable and wifi in regards to difficult wire paths, multiple obstructions, and few penetrations between the floors. We ended up getting permission to run our cable up the inside of a column that extended to the thirty-foot ceilings in the entryway which kept us from having to drill through the concrete slab between the first and second floor. There were several obstacles we overcame but we have great techs that just found a new path each time we seemed blocked in. We installed eight Ubiquiti AC Pro access points and one Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch. The church had painted all their ceilings black so we used black Category 6 cable by Mowhawk with black zip ties so it blended in perfectly with the ceiling. The customer was very happy that we could fit this project in before their grand opening on such short notice. One of the exciting things about this project was meeting a new customer as well as their other audio-video vendors that installed a very impressive AV system. Forney, TX is on the far edge of our coverage area for Wifi installation projects but we think the project was a success and are glad we took on the project.

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