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Many conference rooms utilize overhead projection to allow everyone to be presented with the same information in an easily viewable size. The critical factors in overhead projector installations are to be aware of light pollution of the conference room. Projector brightness is measured in ANSI lumens, a high level of lumens is required to overcome conference rooms where light pollution is an issue. Brightness levels of 2000-3000 lumens overcomes most light pollution issues but not all. The second major factor is the projector lens which dictates the throw ratio. Depending on the distance from the projector to the screen you may need a different throw ratio to create the optimal picture.

Politon has performed many overhead projector installations since 2009. Politon can source the projector that best fits your environment and budget. If you have your own projector we can install it as well. Typically during installation, we run a VGA and HDMI cable from the projector to a wall mount faceplate with female connections. If you have available a two-inch conduit under your conference table we can source the appropriate length cables to get you connected where it works best for you. Be observant that different projectors may vary in number and kind of connection types.

Some of the most common inputs/outputs on projectors are:

  • HDMI
  • DVI
  • Component
  • VGA
  • S-Video
  • RCA Video
  • Stereo
  • 3.5mm
  • Ethernet

If you are looking for Electric Screens, Portable & Tripod screens, Rear Projections Screens or a Manual Wall/Ceiling Screen we can help. Contact us today and find out how we can help you in your screen application.

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Arlington, TX

Located in Arlington, Texas, Kimball Midwest has been a long-time customer of Politon. So when they needed some new Ethernet drops and a projector installed, we got the call. The two new Ethernet drops in the warehouse were very straightforward. For the new drop in their conference room, we were able to tone out an existing unused cable. Mounting the very heavy projector took a little more work to ensure proper support, but we were able to get everything working and aligned to the customer's satisfaction.

Dallas, TX

This was a great project for us and had many different installation applications.  This Dallas data cabling job consisted of over 400 cables as well as a fiber optic demarc extension.  We installed six projectors, 6 pull-down screens, ten flat screen tv's with one being an 85" flat screen in the board room.  Some of the tv applications had Cat 6 to HDMI convertors as well as VGA extensions to the projectors.  This Reddy Ice Dallas headquarters had over 13 wifi access points installed around the office and in the boardrooms.   

Some of the challenges on this project was flex conduit under the slab that fed several cubicle farms had issues that we had to resolve to get our high count of cables into the cubes as well as some design changes that did not make it onto the floor plan version we were working off of. The customer moved over some existing cubicles from their old building which did not have the correct parts initially when installed so we had to wait until they came in for us to finish our part but we had plenty of AV work to do while we waited a few days to complete the baseboards.

On another note, we found a new restaurant we ate at several times called Don Taco which is pretty good for street tacos, or a large bowl of Caldo de res which is essentially a beef stew with large chunks of vegetables.  Just wanted to share something in the area that we thought was noteworthy to those working around 635 and Preston road area.

Dallas, TX

We provided a turn-key projector installation solution for Smart City Apartment Locators. We provided a universal Epson projector mount which is a really solid universal mount. We had to utilize a one-man bucket lift to mount the projector on the ceiling with a super strut. We spanned two joists with the strut and mounted the projector to the strut. The customer had us add there Apple TV to the top of the projector and plugged into HDMI port 1. We painted the strut black to match the ceiling. Upon testing the Apple TV with the customer we cleaned up the site and put the lift back out in the parking lot for pick up the next morning. The customer was very pleased with how the installation looked.

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