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Lewisville, TX

Politon had installed TRW's network and security system in Lewisville, Texas. So when one of the cameras stopped working, we got the call to fix it. During some construction in the warehouse next door, a girder support mount had been clamped directly on top of the cable running to the camera. We pulled the cable out, replaced the bad section, and the camera started working again.

Crossroads, TX

We installed OM3 multi-mode fiber to two new cottages to bring internet connectivity as well as a connection to the networked fire panels. The customer was very pleased to add these two new buildings to their existing fiber ring around their campus. We essentially had to cut the existing ring and incorporate two new buildings into the ring by pulling fiber to them and back-feeding the connection from the far building to the return portion of the campus loop. All new fiber was certified and staged for their network administrator to come out and plug in his equipment.

Dallas, TX

H Betti Industries in Dallas, Texas, was having some problems with their access points. Politon worked with the IT Support team to identify four out of six access points that were not working. Fortunately, the IT Support team had shipped four replacements which we installed. At the end of the day, all six access points were working as expected.

Plano, TX

The COACH Store in Plano, Texas, needed three ATAs installed. This job included the following tasks: * Pulling a Cat 6 cable through the wall, over the suspended ceiling, and down to phone system * Terminating three pairs of cables on both ends with RJ11 connectors * Testing the lines for good quality

Burleson, TX

The Saddle Creek South location in Burleson, Texas, requested an Ethernet drop to a time clock outside the central office. We started running a cable from cabinet 9 which is mounted 35 feet up on a post. From there, we went across the girders and inside the 40-foot-high walls of the central office. After terminating and testing the cable, we mounted the time clock which worked perfectly.

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