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Politon has installed many flat screen TVs in office and warehouse environments in the Dallas Fort Worth areas since 2009. Our technicians can install the cabling to the TV from your media source (Cable TV, PC, etc), install the wall and TV brackets, hang and test the TV and clean up when we are done. If your needs are side by side 65 flat screens or a standalone TV in a 90-degree corner we can install it.

A few types of wall mount that we use:

  • Flat Mounts
  • Tilt Mounts
  • Flat Panel Wall Arm Mount
  • Articulating Wall Arm Mount

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Coppell, TX

We ended up installing over 100 Cat 6 cables for Neurolens new Coppell, TX headquarters along with seven wifi access points and a single-mode fiber optic cable to their exterior demarc. One of the challenges to this project was this was an existing space that was subdivided into two suites so there was no conduit that ran from their new data room to the exterior demarc closet. We coordinated this two-inch exterior conduit to be run by an electrician for Neurolens. They have asked us back to do several more small projects since we have completed this job. Great company with a lot of great employees. We really like working here.

Dallas, TX

We provided several solutions for Gold's Gym new corporate offices in Dallas, TX.  The main solution we provide was network cabling with over (130) Cat 6 wire runs.  The suite had an existing two-post rack and ladder rack connected to the wall.  We stripped everything off of it and supplied all-new patch panels and wire management.  We also need to move the rack two inches from the wall to allow our vertical wire manager covers to fasten correctly.  We also installed five flat-screen tvs with wall mount brackets.  Another solution was a bring your own hardware solution, we installed seven customer provided access points for wifi and we installed four customer provided switches into the rack and patched them all in.

Dallas, TX

This was a great project for us and had many different installation applications.  This Dallas data cabling job consisted of over 400 cables as well as a fiber optic demarc extension.  We installed six projectors, 6 pull-down screens, ten flat screen tv's with one being an 85" flat screen in the board room.  Some of the tv applications had Cat 6 to HDMI convertors as well as VGA extensions to the projectors.  This Reddy Ice Dallas headquarters had over 13 wifi access points installed around the office and in the boardrooms.   

Some of the challenges on this project was flex conduit under the slab that fed several cubicle farms had issues that we had to resolve to get our high count of cables into the cubes as well as some design changes that did not make it onto the floor plan version we were working off of. The customer moved over some existing cubicles from their old building which did not have the correct parts initially when installed so we had to wait until they came in for us to finish our part but we had plenty of AV work to do while we waited a few days to complete the baseboards.

On another note, we found a new restaurant we ate at several times called Don Taco which is pretty good for street tacos, or a large bowl of Caldo de res which is essentially a beef stew with large chunks of vegetables.  Just wanted to share something in the area that we thought was noteworthy to those working around 635 and Preston road area.

Denton, TX

Politon installed the following items: - (2) 65" flat screens TV's and mounts - (2) HDMI cables from behind the TV's to a small cabinet - (2) Flush mount ceiling speakers - (1) Pyle Amplifier - (2) Stereo speaker wires - (1) Moved one existing composite cable to behind cabinet We used a combination of lag bolts in the studs and molly bolts in the sheet rock for the TV brackets. We also installed two additional electric boxes as well.

Plano, TX

Politon was asked to help Dominion Bank with installing two flat screen tv's in Plano TX. We also ran coax cables to each tv from the data the room.

Dallas, TX

We were asked to help Dominion Bank on Sherry Lane with there data cable installation in Dallas, TX. We installed approximately 60 Cat6 data cables, (1) network cabinet, (3) Ubiquity Access Points and (3) flat-screen TVs with HDMI cables to the wall next to the customer's desk. We did learn a lesson about tv brackets with a built-in level and that is they are not accurate. We ended up using our bullet level for a perfect installation.

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