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Little Elm, TX

We went on-site and needed to not only find the cable but to make sure it was working. We used our Fluke DSX-5000 network cable tester and plugged the cable that was in the wifi access point on the playground area into our remote side of the tester. When we went to the data room we looked for network switch ports that were not lit up with link lights. After testing the third dormant port we heard our tester chime that it had a connection to the remote end of the tester. We discovered it was cable 12 and was shorted across blue and green. The tech replaced the male RJ 45 end on both ends of the cable and tested again with a passing result. The customer seemed very pleased with the identification of the cable but also of the repair.

North Richland Hills, TX

The customer had has come out again to pull a new fiber between these two buildings into the new conduit that was installed much deeper underground. The school has also marked the path of this new conduit and fiber for future reference. The problem in the past is they did not know the exact path the previous fiber went. The project went very smoothly and the only challenge was that the conduit contractor did not complete his installation to a wall mount box so we purchased all the materials to connect the new conduit to a wall mount box and then piped it over to the existing pathway into the building. We installed 6 strand multi-mode fiber optic cable between the two buildings. All cable was tested and certified as well. The customer was happy about our work and is now talking to us about additional projects to their new baseball stadium.

Dallas, TX

We provided a turn-key projector installation solution for Smart City Apartment Locators. We provided a universal Epson projector mount which is a really solid universal mount. We had to utilize a one-man bucket lift to mount the projector on the ceiling with a super strut. We spanned two joists with the strut and mounted the projector to the strut. The customer had us add there Apple TV to the top of the projector and plugged into HDMI port 1. We painted the strut black to match the ceiling. Upon testing the Apple TV with the customer we cleaned up the site and put the lift back out in the parking lot for pick up the next morning. The customer was very pleased with how the installation looked.

Denton, TX

Politon installed the following items: - (2) 65" flat screens TV's and mounts - (2) HDMI cables from behind the TV's to a small cabinet - (2) Flush mount ceiling speakers - (1) Pyle Amplifier - (2) Stereo speaker wires - (1) Moved one existing composite cable to behind cabinet We used a combination of lag bolts in the studs and molly bolts in the sheet rock for the TV brackets. We also installed two additional electric boxes as well.

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