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Dallas, TX

Continental Electronics Corporation(CEC) is the premier manufacturer of advanced radio frequency and broadcast transmission. They have completed various projects and are among the leading competitors in high-power transmitters. In fact, CEC very own high-power transmitters are used by the Navy forces around the globe to communicate with submarine fleets as well as NASA to communicate with spacecraft. While on their campus our team pulled six stands of multimode armored fiber across the building. In order to do this we drilled holes in the wall to allow for the fiber to easily reach the opposite side of the campus. However, while running the cables our team found asbestosis in the older parts of the building. This added an unforeseen obstacle but our team worked tirelessly to work around the situation. By the end of this project, both Continental Electronics corporations was happy to have a new area of their department fully operational with their very own network switch.

Pilot Point, TX

This was an expansion project for there existing system we had previously installed. We installed five more cameras and moved two other ones. Their new office space is a beautiful building and our black exterior and interior cameras blend in very nicely.


Lewisville, TX

We provided a total network infrastructure solution composed of Cat 6 data cabling, WiFi installation as well as twelve security cameras with an NVR that has 8 TB of storage at there new Lewisville, TX facility. The installation spanned two buildings with WiFi and cameras on the exterior of the building as well as the warehouse and office area. We finished the cabling and WiFi installation then waited for construction to catch up to us so we could install the cameras on the exterior of the building. After the project was complete we helped the customer download the Vivo Cloud app and helped him get logged in to view the cameras with his smartphone. The customer was pleased with the project and asked us if we were interested in building out a new tenant space they are adding on as well. We had two challenges on this project and the first was that we proposed a different brand camera that met their price point but was not NDAA compliant so we used another brand that met these criteria. The second challenge was the general contractor of building the facility who is not associated with my customer's company but was very difficult to work with. It took us a while to figure him out and overcome this obstacle and eventually won him over with think with kindness.

Argyle, TX

We went on-site to find out the customer needed four strands terminated with LC connectors. We fusion spliced both ends with pre-terminated LC multi-mode pigtails. Once we installed and certified those we moved his connection between his buildings to the newly terminated fiber and then tested his working strands which is he was wondering about. They ended up passing as well. We use a fiber certification tool by Owl Labs which allows us to save and email the documentation of the test. No real challenges for this fiber optic repair in Argyle, TX.

Roanoke, TX

This customer had a very unique situation for us to solve. The owner of a very large business park wanted to have wifi in his RV on the back of his property. Since he travels the country most of the year when he is here to check on his business he wants to have internet access. Our original discussion was to install a Point to Point antenna solution but because of the topography and trees, he felt as though it would not be a reliable solution so he wanted a fiber connection. We decided upon installing a loose tube 6 strand multi-mode fiber cable approximately 1500 feet to his RV from his building. We utilized a fan-out kit on each end and terminated the SC connectors to the fiber inside the fan-out kit. The fan-out kit serves as a support structure for the bare fibers inside loose tub fiber cabling. Once we terminated and tested the fiber we plugged both ends into Gigabit media converters and then patched them into network switches on both ends. On one end was the router with internet connectivity and on the other end was a waterproof box with a media converter that was connected to a switch in the RV with a Ubiquiti Access Point. We created the SSID and password and our customer was very pleased with the connection speed which was over 130Mbs. We considered this a very unusual yet successful project.

Mesquite, TX

We went on-site and determined this was basically two network cabling projects. The easier project was the Cat 6 cabling that would be running to the IDF cabinet at one end of the building. This IDF was connected back to the main data room with OM3 multimode fiber optic cabling. The more difficult part of the project was the cabling that ran to the main data room. There was an existing data rack that we had to work around and ultimately help the customer move out of the data room after moving all of his network gear into the new rack. We completely built out the new data rack with all of the customer's new and existing hardware. One of the challenges of this project was our lead tech getting vertigo from a previous ear infection that caused him to be out of work for over a month. We really missed him on this project and it caused us to ask for an additional week to complete the project. Our customers where very gracious and kind to our timeline and we completed the project on our second target date. On this project we installed over 150 Cat 6 cables, a 10G 6 strand Multimode fiber optic cable, one data rack and one network cablinet.

Pilot Point, TX

We went on-site to repair a multi-mode 62.5-micron fiber optic cable. The tech on site discovered that when shining a laser (Visual Fault Locator) in the fiber it appeared to be broken right at the back of the connector. The tech decided to replace the connector with a new SC multi-mode connector. The tech did a field inspection with a microscope and the core of the glass was clear so we plugged it back into the fiber port on the network switch and the network came back up. The customer was happy and we packed up.

Pilot Point, TX

After winning our proposal for a network cabling and fiber solution the owners of Chandler Cabinets in Pilot Point wanted to look at security cameras as well. We ended up installing over sixty IP Security Cameras for quality control, security, and safety at there 108,000 square foot Pilot Point, TX facility. Our network solution consisted of over sixty additional Cat6 drops for computers and networked machinery. We installed five remote data closets with fiber and wifi in strategic areas of the building. We installed all the conduit to the cameras as well with four pendant cameras in the main aisle of the warehouse. Since the completion of this project, Chandler Cabinets has awarded us another project of there new executive offices and showroom. The challenges that we had to overcome on this project were the many remote data closets we had to create throughout the facility due to distance limitations of network cabling. We overcame this easily since Chandler Cabinets and more specifically our IT point of contact Jerrid D was so accommodating in helping us find secure locations to add additional data racks. Some refreshing and fun things on this project were working with Jerrid D our IT contact. When your contact is knowledgable of infrastructure and design it makes communication efficient and focused. We were on the same page throughout the project. Jerrid also let us provide an entire Ubiquiti solution throughout the entire warehouse. This allowed Jerrid to now manage and see a topology map of every device specifically connected to each switch port and which users are connected to which AP, along with many more network metrics. It's fun to get to create the entire network and see it up and running. Here is what our contact had to say about us on Google Reviews: We hired Clint and his team to design, build and deploy our fiber optic network and 60 camera layout in our new 200,000 sq foot manufacturing facility. These guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. From the minute we brought the network online it has run flawlessly. In fact we were so impressed with his work that we also hired him to build and deploy the network in our new office. I highly recommend Politon for any networking projects. Clint has been in 3 or 4 times since the project was completed just to make sure everything was working perfectly. We will definitely be using Clint and his team for any future projects of this nature. If you would like to see all the beautiful cabinetry Chandler Cabinets creates here is the link to there website:

Denton, TX

We went on-site and tested 8 strands of single-mode fiber optic cable. We determined that there was a low loss on several strands so the next steps were to shine a laser down the fiber and look for breaks around the boot of the connector. We did not see anything obvious so we decided to replace the ST connectors on both ends of the low loss fiber. After replacing the connectors we tested again achieving passing results.

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