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Dallas, TX

We installed an attenuator on both floors, which allowed them to amplify the sound from the paging systems across the floor. By adding the attenuator, employees are now able to adjust the volume of the entire floor unanimously or individually, allowing for better customization for each speaker. However, there were two speakers that did not have control knobs, allowing for these easy adjustable sounds. Our technicians are going back to install these adjustable knobs as a courtesy to the customer. The customer provided all 30 of the ceiling speakers that we installed. Our team of three technicians was able to completely finish wiring and installing valcom power supplies for thirty speakers within two days of work.

McKinney, TX

We ended up installing all the data cabling, data rack, network switch, Wifi access point, and NVR. We helped the doctor get her office up and running. The customer provided their own security cameras and NVR but we installed the cameras and the cabling back to the NVR. There were no real challenges on this project. This medical facility is located right off of Hwy 380 in McKinney, TX in a new business park. This customer was a pleasure to work with and we wish her much success.

Dallas, TX

Our contact wanted to update their network cabling to all Cat 6 from what they currently have which is Categroy 5. They also wanted us to clean up their data rack and install wire management.

McKinney, TX

The best solution for this customer was a 6 strand multi-mode armored fiber between the first floor and the fourth floor to join two businesses that recently merged. The armored wrap protects the fiber without having to install costly innerduct which is more expensive and a less efficient installation. The fiber was corning and the LC MM connectors and fiber tray were by Commscope. CommScope Quick II connectors are super easy to install and make for a more efficient installation. The customer also wanted us to install a Cat 6A connection between the upstairs suite and the downstairs riser closet.

Flower Mound, TX

We installed a 6 strand multi-mode fiber optic cable and two Cat 6 cables between the first and second floor of the professional building attached to Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, TX. This job was pretty straightforward with no issues. We did have to penetrate some firewalls which we fire caulked upon completion. All cables were certified and the results have been emailed to our customer. Just in case your curious I have added a picture of what the fiber test results look like. The other test results picture is from our Fluke Tester for Cat 6 cabling.

Arlington, TX

We installed a 6 strand multi-mode fiber optic cable between the first-floor network closet and an office recently bought by the practice on the second floor. It took about six hours to install, terminate and certify the fiber.

Denison, TX

The customer had already pulled their fiber optic cable and just needed a company to terminate, test, and certify the installation. We went on-site and completed the termination in about an hour then certified the fiber and emailed the results to our client. Since this job, they have hired us many times to install fiber at several medical facilities.

Plano, TX


  • Moved entire IT network from the old location in hospital to a stand-alone building
  • Installed all PC’s, monitors, etc. and dressed them in with Velcro
  • Overhead High Fidelity music system
  • Digital Signage
  • Wall Mount TV Installation
  • Audiology Sound Booth extensions to a desktop
  • Attenuators for volume control in each room
  • Cat 5e data cabling

Corinth, TX

When a power supply fails, it's a subtle but known issue on the Nortel Call Pilot 100 voicemail system. We decided it was the best course of action to pursue the cheapest solution and ended up for making one happy customer. If you are in need of phone system repair in Corinth TX please give us a call today and we will be glad to help. Symptoms of a faulty power supply on a Nortel Call Pilot 100 are that the lights are still green as they should be with a good power supply but the voltage does not allow the voicemail to operate or be opened up when calling it's extension ports. I suspect the voltage is to low and will not open up the voicemail port switch. Either way, it appears working when it really isn't and that is when we suspect power supply issues. We where happy we could repair this phone system in Corinth TX. Here is what our newest customer had to say: Our Voicemail system went out and we called our phone guys to see if they could come take a look at it. They tried to troubleshoot over the phone and basically said the system is fried. They gave us quotes for a new phone system at $7,000+. They weren't interested in looking at our current system or replacing the piece that they stated was no longer good. We called around and found Clint with Politon Inc. He came out and knew within minutes that is was likely the power source that was out and not our system. He went and got the part and it is now working perfectly. A $75 part! Sadly, our "normal phone guys" were only interested in selling us a new system. Thanks Clint for saving us over $7,000!" Brenda - Corinth Family Medicine & Pediatrics

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