Wi-Fi Network Installation

Wi-Fi Network Installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Wi-Fi Network Installation

Politon offers several flavors of Wi-Fi installations

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Politon has installed many BYOD Wi-Fi networks. Typically an IT department preconfigures the AP’s and they just need a reliable resource to install them in their workspace by pulling the data cabling, installing the AP and patching it into the appropriate network switch.  Politon has been a trusted technical resource to perform physical implementations for many IT departments.
  • Full-Service wireless installation. We can help plan, design, implement and test your wireless network from start to finish.  We have installed wifi networks in many different types of environments such as: warehouses, offices spaces, churches, and retail locations. Politon could help implement your Wi-Fi solution and serves the entire Dallas Fort Worth area.

Typically a site survey is needed to determine the most effective and strategic placement of Wi-Fi Access Points.  Once the survey is complete a time is scheduled to install the data cabling and Access Points.  Politon is able to design, install and test a custom built Wi-Fi network that meets the specific structural design of any space.


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Fort Worth, TX

The main portion of this project was connecting the two office spaces through data cabling allowing for an extension of the network used. This was especially difficult because one office space was on the 6th floor and the other was on the 5th floor of the neighboring building. Proving to be an even harder challenge as the pipes between the building had been busted and required a bit of ingenuity to allow for proper functionality. Once we were able to move and connect the cabling to each building, it was discovered that inside the office space the old tenant had pulled the data cabling and rebuilt walls around them. In an effort to utilize the old cabling we had to dig out the old cabling and reconfigure them to the new floor plan. To allow for a more enjoyable work-life experience, we added new additions to the conference and training room. These included adding AV cables that connected the HDMI cables from the TVs to an HDMI plate below the TV, and a CAT-6 to HDMI extension data cable. This allowed employees easy access when connecting laptops to the screens during important presentations. We also revamped the entire data rack and installed all the data cabling for the wifi and installed wifi access points. With 140 total cables, our team was able to completely build an entirely new office space.

Dallas, TX

H Betti Industries in Dallas, Texas, was having some problems with their access points. Politon worked with the IT Support team to identify four out of six access points that were not working. Fortunately, the IT Support team had shipped four replacements which we installed. At the end of the day, all six access points were working as expected.

Little Elm, TX

We went on-site and needed to not only find the cable but to make sure it was working. We used our Fluke DSX-5000 network cable tester and plugged the cable that was in the wifi access point on the playground area into our remote side of the tester. When we went to the data room we looked for network switch ports that were not lit up with link lights. After testing the third dormant port we heard our tester chime that it had a connection to the remote end of the tester. We discovered it was cable 12 and was shorted across blue and green. The tech replaced the male RJ 45 end on both ends of the cable and tested again with a passing result. The customer seemed very pleased with the identification of the cable but also of the repair.

Forney, TX

This Wifi installation at a church in Forney was pretty typical when installing cable and wifi in regards to difficult wire paths, multiple obstructions, and few penetrations between the floors. We ended up getting permission to run our cable up the inside of a column that extended to the thirty-foot ceilings in the entryway which kept us from having to drill through the concrete slab between the first and second floor. There were several obstacles we overcame but we have great techs that just found a new path each time we seemed blocked in. We installed eight Ubiquiti AC Pro access points and one Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch. The church had painted all their ceilings black so we used black Category 6 cable by Mowhawk with black zip ties so it blended in perfectly with the ceiling. The customer was very happy that we could fit this project in before their grand opening on such short notice. One of the exciting things about this project was meeting a new customer as well as their other audio-video vendors that installed a very impressive AV system. Forney, TX is on the far edge of our coverage area for Wifi installation projects but we think the project was a success and are glad we took on the project.

Plano, TX

We provided technical support to install the customer's hardware solutions for Wifi, network switches and routers, network cabinets, and UPS with extended batteries. This was a fairly small office so the network cabling for the wifi was very easy. We installed four wifi access points for the customer. They had us install a network cabinet with their network switches and routers. One challenge we had was they wanted the patch cords to look a certain way in the network cabinet. What they had shipped for use to use was too short and we needed longer patch cords to dress them in as they wanted. So a second trip out was necessary to install the longer patch cords but we think it turned out nicely.

Frisco, TX

Our new customer in Frisco wanted us to install a four-post data rack they already had into their new data closet on the 4th floor. We installed approximately 64 Cat 6 data cables along with seven Cat 6A cables. The customer requested Cat 6A for all of their Wifi access points. They had us install the access points as well which ended up looking really nice. No real challenges on this location and the customer is great to work with which is always a bonus. Jose our lead tech did an outstanding job roughing in all the cables and finishing out the data rack.

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