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IT Equipment Installation - Politon

Politon has a broad experience with IT equipment installation. With performing hardware installations nationwide Politon has the resources and the experience to implement your IT hardware. Politon has performed complete IT refreshes including all PC’s, routers, switches, EMV (cc machine) and POS for 120 locations in 3 months so we know what we are capable of.

A few of the things we install for our customers:

  • Network Switches
  • DSL Modems
  • Routers
  • PC’s
  • Printers
  • Monitors
  • KVM Switches
  • POS Equipment
  • Wireless Access Points
  • AV Equipment
  • Racks & Cabinets

If you have a standalone location or multiple storefronts, we can help you in your implementation projects. We are located in the Dallas/Fort Worth area but have a national footprint for your IT equipment installation needs.

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Fort Worth, TX

Their current technology was originally located on multiple different floors, but Politon helped to connect each of these locations for greater efficiency. Politon added two post data rack from the MDF to the cubicles located on the fifth floor, which took about 200 CAT-6 data drops. They then added multimodal fiber between the new data room with the new post rack and the MDF and proceeded to create a new IDF on a different floor to better feed connections to future users. Politon also assisted with cabling for security purposes by pulling cables from eight different access points and POE cameras around the suite in hopes of providing optimal assistance. By the end of the project, the insurance company was highly satisfied with the work done by Politon and were delighted to consider themselves a customer of their company.

Plano, TX

The COACH Store in Plano, Texas, needed three ATAs installed. This job included the following tasks: * Pulling a Cat 6 cable through the wall, over the suspended ceiling, and down to phone system * Terminating three pairs of cables on both ends with RJ11 connectors * Testing the lines for good quality

Justin, TX

Phoenix Assurance, located in Justin, TX, wanted 20 security cameras installed. They already had a cabinet in place with a patch panel and a couple of Hikvision DS-7600 Network Video Recorders. Ethernet cables had also been pulled to the desired locations. Politon terminated the cables, installed the Hikvision 4MP network cameras, initialized the NVRs, renamed all of the cameras, and aimed the cameras in the direction needed by the customer.

Grand Prairie, TX

Baumann Springs is one of our regular customers for whom we provide data cabling solutions. The company requested some additional drops in their warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas . Working in a fully operational warehouse around equipment and material requires extra care and attention. Our experienced installers carefully and quickly completed the task of mounting conduit, pulling cables, installing jacks, testing connections, and labeling/attaching faceplates.

Forney, TX

This Wifi installation at a church in Forney was pretty typical when installing cable and wifi in regards to difficult wire paths, multiple obstructions, and few penetrations between the floors. We ended up getting permission to run our cable up the inside of a column that extended to the thirty-foot ceilings in the entryway which kept us from having to drill through the concrete slab between the first and second floor. There were several obstacles we overcame but we have great techs that just found a new path each time we seemed blocked in. We installed eight Ubiquiti AC Pro access points and one Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch. The church had painted all their ceilings black so we used black Category 6 cable by Mowhawk with black zip ties so it blended in perfectly with the ceiling. The customer was very happy that we could fit this project in before their grand opening on such short notice. One of the exciting things about this project was meeting a new customer as well as their other audio-video vendors that installed a very impressive AV system. Forney, TX is on the far edge of our coverage area for Wifi installation projects but we think the project was a success and are glad we took on the project.

Arlington, TX

We went on-site thinking this could possibly be a demarc extension issue. What we eventually discovered as the issue ended up being a pretty simple solution. Once we gained access to the network closet and located the switch that was no longer seen online by the network operations team we started looking at the uplink lights for the fiber jumpers to this switch and noticed that there were no lights which tell us this switch has not network access feeding it. The NOC decided to do the most basic troubleshooting step to possibly resolve the issue and that is to turn off the power or simply reboot the network switch. When the switch booted back up and stabilized we noticed the link lights are now on for our fiber uplinks which means the switch now has network access. So a simple reboot of the network switch resolved the issues for all the residents that utilized that network switch for that floor. We can't tell you how many repair tickets are resolved by just power-cycling the equipment. The resolution is not just sending anyone into your core network closet to start unplugging equipment but to partner with a company that knows networking and can be trusted with one of your most vulnerable systems.

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