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Politon can handle any size of paging systems from 100 paging horns in a warehouse to a few ceiling tile paging speakers in your lobby. We offer a full range of models for different workplace applications such as pendants, boxes, ceiling tile, or drop-in ceiling speakers for 2’X2’ suspended ceiling tile ceilings.

Sip Paging Adapter Angle

How to integrate my old paging system with my new SIP phones?

The majority of paging systems currently in use are analog paging systems. In the past, companies would have a telephone system with a page port that would open up during a page and send the analog signal to the amplifier connected to the overhead paging system. However, with the advancement of technology, phone systems have undergone significant changes. Nowadays, the majority of phones on premises are SIP or VoIP based phone systems. This technological upgrade has left many companies wondering how to integrate their old paging system with their new SIP based phones, as there is no longer a page port or trunk port for paging. The solution to this problem is a SIP Paging Adapter, such as the 01123 SIP Paging Adapter by Cyberdata. This device allows users to dial an extension and record a page, which will then send an analog signal through the analog port, connecting to the amplifier of the analog paging system. It provides an easy solution to integrate old and new technology seamlessly. If you require assistance in integrating your legacy paging system with your new SIP phone system, Politon, Inc, a certified Cyberdata installer, would be delighted to help you.

8-Ohm or 70-Volt System

Typically, eight-ohm systems are less expensive because they do not have the added extra expense of a transformer. Additionally, the eight-ohm amplifier is typically cheaper. The 8-Ohm system is typically recommended for smaller applications. 70-volt systems are easy to expand requiring only a single pair of cables and can be daisy chained from speaker to speaker. Businesses with larger operations benefit the most from 70v paging systems. 8-Ohm systems are typically installed in a classroom-type atmosphere while the 70v would be more powerful and suited for a warehouse or larger office environment. Politon has technicians that are proficient at the installation and repair of both paging systems.

Types of paging speakers we install:

  • Square Indoor Box Speaker
  • SIP Paging Horns (IP based)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Paging Horns
  • Explosion Proof Paging Horns (for your volatile environments!)
  • Flush Mount Ceiling Speakers
  • Bidirectional Horns
  • Vandal-Resistant Surface Mount Speaker
  • VoIP Paging Gateways
  • Noise Sensing Volume Control
  • Attenuator (volume control knob down low associated with a speaker such as in a lobby)
  • Digital Paging Feedback Eliminator (records page and then plays after you hang up the phone)
  • Single Zone Universal Telephone Interface

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