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Fort Worth, TX

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill in Fort Worth, Texas, requested a new patch panel and additional Ethernet drops to the front terminal. This job included the following tasks: * Installing the new patch panel * Pulling new cables * Installing jacks on both ends * Testing to ensure everything was working properly Fort Worth is the first location in Texas of Firebrands Wood Fired Grill, which opened in February 2022.

Denton, TX

Arriving on site we found that the previous tenant had removed the patch panel that all the data cabling was terminated on. We could still salvage this cabling and save the customer hundreds of dollars. We put male RJ45 ends on each cable and tested the cable to the outlet in the restaurant. They had approximately 12 Cat 5e network cables that needed to be repaired and tested. The customer also needed a small 16 port switch so we provided that as well. The last step we left to the customer to plug in a patch cord from the switch to there ISP modem once it was installed and they should be up and running. No real issues here just excitement about a new Korean chicken place near the square in Denton, TX.

Crossroads, TX

We helped the customer move off of there old 1 Meg internet connection to there new 20 Meg Fiber Connection. This involved tracing down there old AT&T modem and patch cord that fed their network switch and patching in the network switch to the new fiber modem. Once the new modem was patched in we had to reboot the PCs to pull a new IP address and test the internet speed. Once we checked all PCs and POS stations with internet access we were done. The only issue we had was AT&T messed up the dial tone portion of this order so we could not move there dial tone to the new circuit so this will have to be scheduled for a later date once AT&T gets there order corrected. Micki the General Manager was happy with our services.

Crossroads, TX

We installed OM3 multi-mode fiber to two new cottages to bring internet connectivity as well as a connection to the networked fire panels. The customer was very pleased to add these two new buildings to their existing fiber ring around their campus. We essentially had to cut the existing ring and incorporate two new buildings into the ring by pulling fiber to them and back-feeding the connection from the far building to the return portion of the campus loop. All new fiber was certified and staged for their network administrator to come out and plug in his equipment.


Lewisville, TX

Politon had installed TRW's network and security system in Lewisville, Texas. So when one of the cameras stopped working, we got the call to fix it. During some construction in the warehouse next door, a girder support mount had been clamped directly on top of the cable running to the camera. We pulled the cable out, replaced the bad section, and the camera started working again.

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