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McKinney, TX

Politon first installed a 6U network cabinet, which was mounted on the wall with a patch panel. They also installed the customer’s network firewall and switch. From there, they installed a battery backup, which Politon mounted on a new shelf in consideration of potential water damage that could occur in the facility. They then installed a wifi access point above the main desk to ensure connectivity, as well as 6 CAT-6 network drops throughout the offices of the warehouse to provide greater efficiency towards their technological duties. Although there was much to do, Politon completed every task in less than two days in an effort to provide the best possible service for their beloved customers. By the end of the project, Dalworth Restoration was fully secure in technological services thanks to Politon.

Dallas, TX

In order to secure their Wi-Fi connection, we added seven new Wi-Fi access points that allow their handheld RF guns to be used efficiently anywhere in the warehouse. Before the day was complete, we also installed a dual network drop to accommodate a new workstation and provided a sixteen-port network switch that was uplinked to all the new Wi-Fi access points.

Coppell, TX

Long-time customer Ariat Boot Distribution is expanding to a new warehouse in Coppell, Texas. The building that they are expanding to was previously utilized by a tenant and needed some upgrades in order to keep up with the growing company. The warehouse had some previously existing data cabinets around the warehouse. Our team was called in to run fibers and install network switches to the existing cabinets in the main data room. In order to maximize the connections and communications between employees in the warehouses, we installed and plugged in eight wifi access points into the network switch around the offices and warehouse. In order to maintain security, we installed four cameras to monitor aisles. Because this warehouse was previously occupied, we needed to test each of the thirty existing cables in the offices to provide utmost proficiency in our customers' new office. Our customer was pleased with the work of our team, and we discussed coming back for future projects.

Burleson, TX

Long-time customer Saddle Creek Burleson ran into a problem with their security guard post when their fiber box with the network gear succumbed to water damage after bad weather. In order to increase the safety of their facility in the most efficient way possible, they called us in for our fiber optics services. We were able to take the fiber from the data cabinet in the guard post and run it to their desired location inside the building. After running the fiber, we were able to successfully complete the data connections and have the facilities’ security post running in no time.

Burleson, TX

The Saddle Creek South location in Burleson, Texas, requested an Ethernet drop to a time clock outside the central office. We started running a cable from cabinet 9 which is mounted 35 feet up on a post. From there, we went across the girders and inside the 40-foot-high walls of the central office. After terminating and testing the cable, we mounted the time clock which worked perfectly.

Burleson, TX

The Saddle Creek South location in Burleson, Texas, contacted us to install two Ethernet drops in the guard shack. Fortunately, Politon had already run fiber to the guard shack and installed a switch, making the job easier. After finding a path from the switch to the guard's desk, we routed, terminated, and tested both cables. Everything worked properly.

Dallas, TX

Betson is a division of H Betti Industries and is located in Dallas, Texas. They contacted us to work on their paging system. Some of the existing speakers were not working; additional speakers were needed. First, we mounted new horn and flush mount speakers, pulled new speaker wire, and toned all the speakers to make sure they were working. We then worked with the customer to test the paging system and balance the volume of each speaker.

Fort Worth, TX

Saddle Creek Logistics Services in Fort Worth, Texas, requested additional Ethernet drops. This required changing the existing small switch to a larger switch to provide more ports. The new switch we installed made it possible to add the additional Ethernet drops as well as an additional access point in an office. We were able to complete this job with minimal disruption to the occupants.

Fort Worth, TX

Sam's Club in Fort Worth, Texas, was installing a conveyor system in their warehouse and asked us to add a fiber connection back to the main data room. The tasks needed to complete the job included: * Pulling six-strand armored multimode cable * Installing fiber trays in the data room and the conveyor cabinet * Installing connectors on the ends of each fiber * Testing the fibers with the OWL F7X power meter tester * Labeling the new equipment

Grapevine, TX

Located in Grapevine, Texas, Productiv Inc. had been sharing a warehouse with another tenant. When that tenant vacated, they cut most of the cables running through their data room which stopped all service to Productiv. After service was restored, the customer asked us to the move their data room to a different location in the building, so we ran fiber to the new location. They also asked us to install additional access points in the warehouse and the new office to boost coverage.

Irving, TX

Summit Electric Supply, located in Irving, Texas, needed additional security cameras installed. We pulled new cable to the two camera installations in the warehouse. We rerouted existing cable from the office area to the counter area for the third camera installation. When the cameras came online, we worked with the customer to adjust the view.

Justin, TX

Phoenix Assurance, located in Justin, TX, wanted 20 security cameras installed. They already had a cabinet in place with a patch panel and a couple of Hikvision DS-7600 Network Video Recorders. Ethernet cables had also been pulled to the desired locations. Politon terminated the cables, installed the Hikvision 4MP network cameras, initialized the NVRs, renamed all of the cameras, and aimed the cameras in the direction needed by the customer.

Grand Prairie, TX

Baumann Springs is one of our regular customers for whom we provide data cabling solutions. The company requested some additional drops in their warehouse in Grand Prairie, Texas . Working in a fully operational warehouse around equipment and material requires extra care and attention. Our experienced installers carefully and quickly completed the task of mounting conduit, pulling cables, installing jacks, testing connections, and labeling/attaching faceplates.

Roanoke, TX

For over a decade we have provided data cabling solutions to Saddle Creek Logistics Services. They contacted us for twenty additional Ethernet drops in their Roanoke warehouse. Four drops for an existing station were pulled and mounted. The other sixteen drops were for new stations. They were pulled and installed in quad boxes; excess cable was provided since locations of the new stations had not been determined. As a critical final step in the process, Politon tested all the connections to verify they worked properly. As a side note, Roanoke is known as the unique dining capital of Texas. We took advantage of this by eating lunch at Hard Eight BBQ on South Oak Street.

Fort Worth, TX

We installed a SIP gateway paging solution that allowed their Ring Central phones to be able to page out to a traditional analog paging system. The customer wanted us to move one existing 5-watt Valcom paging horn and to add one new horn. We provided a Valcom VRCPA (Valcom Ring Central Paging Adapter) and programmed it with the customer-provided SIP information which allowed their page button to be utilized to page in the warehouse. The only issue we had was to convince the Ring Central admin to not use TLS1.2 when creating the SIP paging extension. With this option selected as "No" it would allow our VRCPA to work perfectly. Here are the main things to check when setting up a Valcom Ring Central Paging Adapter: - Set the paging mode to "Analog (SIP/FXO/FXS<>Analog output) - Set SIP Trasport to Accept TCP+UDP, Originate TCP -Make sure extension is set up with TLS1.2 as NO in the option. - Under SIP Transport make sure the Register box is checked

Fort Worth, TX

There were several solutions we installed here in addition to the new Cat 6 data cabling. We installed wall mount brackets with Cat 6 HDMI extensions from their NVR to allow two employees to view the security cameras from their offices. We provided two sets of HDMI extenders by Calrad. The customer also wanted us to take their Cat 6 cable that was punched down on voice 66 blocks and convert it to data cable on a patch panel. The process was fairly simple but just took some time toning out the cable and identifying which ones need to be used. We also pulled serveral new cables for Wifi access points and installed them as well.

Haslet, TX

We installed a solution we had not done before and it's working well. The customer asked us to install a point-to-point antenna inside a warehouse to extend a data circuit over 1000 feet. There was no reason it should have not worked but we had never installed a point-to-point inside before. To make the scenario even more interesting is that the customer put a privacy screen between their part of the warehouse and the other three-quarters of the warehouse which is where the far endpoint to point antenna is. This privacy screen is like a heavy rubberized tarp. The Ubiquiti PTP had no problem penetrating the screen from over 900 feet away. After the point-to-point was up we installed a network cabinet with some data cabling to a small office area and provided a Ubiquiti access point for local wifi as well. This customer was very pleased. On a sad note, our IT contact contracted Covid during our project and we never got to meet him.

McKinney, TX

This project was a bring your own hardware solution where Dominion Voting provided the security cameras and just needed a company to partner with to install the cable, conduit, and cameras. The only exciting part of this job was someone walking behind the building decided to look in the windows of our work truck while it was parked out back while one of our guys was on a ladder right in front of the truck. I guess the guy didn't bother looking up. The people at Dominion Voting were very nice and easy to work with. We hope the attention and the people they are attracting will fade away.

Irving, TX

We cabled the new lab for GreyStone Laboratories.  We pulled 13 cables and installed a Leviton Quick Disconnect 24 Port Patch Panel.  We also provided a 24 port Netgear POE switch. The customer was extremely happy with the final result.  This customer called us from the internet and needed a cabling vendor that could meet him when he flew in town from Florida.  We where happy to help at his new Irving, Tx location.  


Fort Worth, TX

Our techs ran six Cat 6 network cables from the production area for several manager desks in a bull pen-type area back to the server room.  We provided surface mount  2 port Leviton boxes at each of the three desks.  The customer was happy with the completed work.  The only challenge was running the cable through the second floor down to the data room through a shaft in the men's bathroom through an access panel.  

Carrollton, TX

We provided the customer with a quote to install approximately 12 wifi access points across their warehouse for use with their bar code scanners while picking orders.  The customer had several problems upon our network site survey and that was they had way too few access points to cover the number of square feet that they had and the second issue is some of the access points were not adopted to the same network as the others.  

Our solution was to pull Category 6 network cable and install new Ubiquiti access points in a diamond grid pattern across their warehouse in Carrollton, TX.  We ended up installing two Ubiquiti POE switches in the ceiling of the warehouse and ran each group of Ap's back to those switches.  Each of the POE switches was directly connected to the data room so if one went down half of the warehouse would still be functional which was better than what they had when we did our initial survey. 

Upon completion, our customer was very happy with the solution and the implementation.  This customer was a pleasure to work with and gave us a great review which we really appreciate.  You can see the review HERE.

We worked here for several days and got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants at the corner of Luna Rd. and Valwood Pkwy which is Tokyo Teriyaki.  It's always crowded but a table usually opens up by the time you place your order.




Lewisville, TX

We provided a total network infrastructure solution composed of Cat 6 data cabling, WiFi installation as well as twelve security cameras with an NVR that has 8 TB of storage at there new Lewisville, TX facility. The installation spanned two buildings with WiFi and cameras on the exterior of the building as well as the warehouse and office area. We finished the cabling and WiFi installation then waited for construction to catch up to us so we could install the cameras on the exterior of the building. After the project was complete we helped the customer download the Vivo Cloud app and helped him get logged in to view the cameras with his smartphone. The customer was pleased with the project and asked us if we were interested in building out a new tenant space they are adding on as well. We had two challenges on this project and the first was that we proposed a different brand camera that met their price point but was not NDAA compliant so we used another brand that met these criteria. The second challenge was the general contractor of building the facility who is not associated with my customer's company but was very difficult to work with. It took us a while to figure him out and overcome this obstacle and eventually won him over with think with kindness.

Haslet, TX

Politon, Inc. was chosen to install the computer network at Ariat's new 1,000,000 sq ft facility in Haslet, TX just next door to Alliance airport. We have really specialized in large warehouse installations in the last several years especially with the boom in warehouse growth in the DFW area. We installed: - 10 Network Cabinets at 30' high in the ceiling - 78 customer provided access points for Wifi - 12 Cisco Network Switches - 5 Fiber runs completing a fiber ring in their facility - 100 plus Cat 6 network drops - 10 UPS/battery backup This was a large project for us but we have a great team and a great customer. Everything was successfully installed, tested/certified and is verified as up and working. The customer is very pleased and is discussing future projects with us. We are very proud of this project due to the size and scope of the project.

Arlington, TX

This customer wanted to utilize us to install a new IT network throughout there facility. We installed a new IDF in the back of the warehouse with fiber going to an intermediate IDF in the middle of the building. The previous tenant had fiber ran through the warehouse so we were able to move an abandoned fiber cable to the middle IDF and connect back to the main data room. We installed over a dozen WiFi access points through the building, about a dozen pack out station, built out two remote data racks, and the main data room. Assisted the customer by installing all the network switches, SFP's, Battery Backups, routers, and server. The IT dept was unable to fly due to company travel restrictions so we where able to assist in getting the entire facility up and running.

Fort Worth, TX

This installation of data cabling in Fort Worth was so we could install wifi access points in the ceiling over there procurement area. Each time the customer pulls an item off the shelf they scan the item and it updates there database on inventory and order fulfillment. The scanners they utilize require wifi and the wifi over there area is specific to the Catch Co account. Our techs utilized the customers scissor lift to install the Cat6 data cabling as well as the customer provided Cisco Access Points approximately thirty feet overhead. The customer tested the access points and saw them online before we left.

Fort Worth, TX

We were asked to extend the demarc from the customer's demarc room to there data rack in the next room. Our tech utilized Cat 6 cable for the installation and ran it through the ceiling space. We utilized male RJ45's ends on both ends of the cable. After the Category 6 cable was tested we plugged both ends into the equipment and had the customer verify the connection was up and running. This is our second project for Locus Robotics in Fort Worth, TX. We are so happy for repeat business.

Euless, TX

Our solution consisted of two NanoBeam AC Gen 2 Bridges and two Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge protectors. We mounted the Nano Beams on 1.5" pipe and fastened the surge protector with a self-tapping screw to the pipe through a previously drilled pilot hole. We used 14 gauge ground wire with a crimp-on connector to fasten to the ground portion of the surge protector and ran the wire to building ground. This solution was pretty simple to build in the shop and mount to the customers' building with metal straps. We had the customer install the management software on their pc since they would be managing this PTP application. We tested the connection which allowed us to see our IP security cameras in the remote building.

Fort Worth, TX

We installed a wifi solution in Fort Worth, TX for a Locus Robotics project. This project required custom painted backboards for the wifi Ap's, Cat6 dual wire runs to each wifi access point, fiber optic cabling between two separate IDF cabinets, UPS installation and mounting customer provided switches. In layman's terms, we installed a turn-key wifi solution that Locus Robotics will us to run their wifi-enabled robots. We had to pull fiber cabling as well as Cat6 cabling in this Fort Worth-based project.

Pilot Point, TX

G&P Storage contacted was wanting a company that could perform security camera installation in Pilot Point, TX. After we assessed the property we recommended a 10 camera system with extended range infrared 4-megapixel cameras. Not only did we install the cameras but we caught the theif on camera who we suspect was who had stolen from them in the past which was the reason G&P wanted a security camera system.

Denton, TX

We provided multiple solutions for Alliance Air. We were contacted to install Cat6 data cabling to each office as well as build out the data closet. We installed wifi access points in the new hanger and also connected two hangers together with fiber optic cabling. Infrastructure Installed - Cat6 Cabling - Fiber Optic Cabling - Cat6 Enhanced Cabling - Wifi - Network Rack

Fort Worth, TX

Politon recently completed a Fort Worth data cabling project composed of 150 Cat6 cables, a network cabinet, and wall mount wire trays. This project is for a new distribution system of a very popular perfumed product that our employees have previously bought and use regularly (esp the peppermint scented!). It's a very complex conveyor system composed of the pack outstations, feeders, dispensers and bar code reading cameras all which need a network drop. Because of previously performing hundreds of projects for our customer, they knew we could be trusted to deliver a solid solution that was delivered timely as well as economically. Fort Worth data cabling is a service Politon has the technicians with the experience to overcome obstacles in any environment. Some of the locations Politon has installed Cat6 cabling are industrial buildings, retail spaces, and medical facilities. Politon also has the expertise to meet all of your fiber optic cabling needs. With experience installing single mode, multi-mode cable with any type of connector such as SC, LC, ST, etc. With technicians who have been working on fiber optic cable for over 20 years, we can install or repair any type of fiber optic cabling. Please call us today for your next project!

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