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Plano, TX

The COACH Store in Plano, Texas, needed three ATAs installed. This job included the following tasks: * Pulling a Cat 6 cable through the wall, over the suspended ceiling, and down to phone system * Terminating three pairs of cables on both ends with RJ11 connectors * Testing the lines for good quality

Fort Worth, TX

We installed approximately eight IP phones.  We removed their old Partner ACS phones and ported the line to their new IP phones.  

Dallas, TX

The customer, Rudolph's Meat Market, is a 100-year-old full butcher shop, located in the heart of downtown Dallas on Elm St.  

They called us after the huge snowstorm, that caused tons of damage due to power outages all over Texas.  We got on-site, that same day, and were able to reprogram their voice mail for the phone system.   The customer had an Avaya Partner ACS with a voicemail pc card.

Dallas, TX

The solution we provided was comprised of twenty Bose high-end speakers powered by a Crown 1000 Watt amplifier. This overhead music solution will be integrated into there IP phone system so they can page across there speakers as well. There was four different showrooms that we installed speakers in. There was a volume control added to each room to raise or lower the volume of that room depending on the ambient noise. The best part about this project was meeting the employees of Cliff Price Company. Sometimes you just meet a great customer with great people and it just makes everything easier and more enjoyable. This installation went off without many obstacles and the customer seemed very pleased.

Dallas, TX

We provided a fiber repair solution for an ST connector. When we arrived the customer decided to replace the ends on all 6 strands of multi-mode fiber because he was afraid the other strands had been damaged as well. Once the fiber was repaired over one hundred computers came back online. We were happy to help in this emergency network outage due to a fiber issue on a connector. The customer was very pleased and is having us give them a quote for some additional fiber cabling to a new location in the building.

Dallas, TX

Dancewear city needed to partner with a company that could install structured cabling in Dallas, TX. We installed all Cat6 data cabling as well as wifi, security cameras, network switches, network rack, and firewall. Politon, Inc. provided a turn key solution where there whole office was up and running ready for the customer to plug in there pc's and start making transactions.

Denton, TX

We came out to fix several strands of single-mode fiber optic cable between two buildings at Honda of Denton. This work was required to do after hours so it was a late-night job resolving the issue. Once the issue was resolved the uplink on the fiber module lit back up and the other building had network access again.

Plano, TX

Upon arrival to the At Home Store, our technician was taken to the first network cabinet to re-terminate 6 strands of multi-mode 10 Gig fiber with LC connectors. His first observation was that the fiber cable was multimode 10Gig loose tube fiber. This fiber comes with fiber strands that are 250um diameter and are not to be terminated directly to a connector. This was the case when we arrived and quickly explained why their fiber cable was damaged. The 250um fiber is so fragile that anyone working in the network cabinet could simply bump the strands and cause them to break off in the connector. Our tech installed what is called a fanout kit which is basically a support structure that you slide the fragile strands into. Basically, a fiber sock so to speak which gives it enough structural integrity that you can install a connector on the end without fear of it breaking the small fiber strand. There are fiber cables that do not require a fan-out kit for additional structural support but are typically more expensive but are easier to terminate. We have included some pictures of the fiber strands below without out the fan out kit. You can see the loose tube fiber with the super small fibers terminating directly into the LC connectors. We also include a picture with the fanout kit installed and you can see how much bigger the diameter with the fiber jacket on is and how they would be more secure and strong than when they are bare.

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