Wi-Fi Network Installation

Wi-Fi Network Installation in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Wi-Fi Network Installation

Politon offers several flavors of Wi-Fi installations

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Politon has installed many BYOD Wi-Fi networks. Typically an IT department preconfigures the AP’s and they just need a reliable resource to install them in their workspace by pulling the data cabling, installing the AP and patching it into the appropriate network switch.  Politon has been a trusted technical resource to perform physical implementations for many IT departments.
  • Full-Service wireless installation. We can help plan, design, implement and test your wireless network from start to finish.  We have installed wifi networks in many different types of environments such as: warehouses, offices spaces, churches, and retail locations. Politon could help implement your Wi-Fi solution and serves the entire Dallas Fort Worth area.

Typically a site survey is needed to determine the most effective and strategic placement of Wi-Fi Access Points.  Once the survey is complete a time is scheduled to install the data cabling and Access Points.  Politon is able to design, install and test a custom built Wi-Fi network that meets the specific structural design of any space.


Recent Wi-Fi Network Installation Jobs

Landmark Logo

Our tech arrived on-site and consulted with our point of contact and quickly went to work pulling a Cat 6 cable to a designated spot by Landmarks IT Administrator for installation of the Cisco AP. Jose our technician installed the AP and patched it into the network switch. We called our IT contact and verified if he could see the AP online and active which he did. Once the tech left the site we made a follow-up call to our local contact to make sure everything went well and that we cleaned up any mess that we could have made. The customer was happy with our techs professionalism and efficiency.

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Dominion Bank

We were asked to help Dominion Bank on Sherry Lane with there data cable installation in Dallas, TX. We installed approximately 60 Cat6 data cables, (1) network cabinet, (3) Ubiquity Access Points and (3) flat-screen TVs with HDMI cables to the wall next to the customer's desk. We did learn a lesson about tv brackets with a built-in level and that is they are not accurate. We ended up using our bullet level for a perfect installation.

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ADH Gaurdian Access

This was project was particularly nice since it was a referral from Star Point Properties out of Beverly Hills, CA. We installed all new Cat 6 data cabling throughout the office. We also installed two Ubiquity access points on both ends of the suite. The customer had us install the network switches and routers. Our tech used his laptop to allow ADH IT remote access to configure the router and we assisted on getting there new IP phones placed around the office and up and running.

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