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McKinney Network Installation, Phone Systems, WIFI, & Security Camera Installation

Cable installation company of North Texas, Politon specializes in Cat5e, Cat6, & Fiber Optic Cabling in McKinney. The technicians at Politon have years of experience with Cat6 cable installation in a variety of environments across North Texas including commercial, retail, industrial, and educational. Politon is a fiber optic cabling company that can install and repair all types of fiber and connection types. Located just down 380 from McKinney, Politon employees like to visit the historic downtown.

Communications & Data Transmission Services by Politon in McKinney, TX

Among the network infrastructure services we provide to customers include:

Rely on Politon for Your Network Infrastructure Services in McKinney, TX

As a business owner, you need to send clear, concise, and accurate messages to potential customers to maximize your profit margin. That requires reliable cabling and network services, phone systems, and commercial audio/visual services. The pros from Politon provide that for you, along with national rollout services, for customers in McKinney, TX, and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 214-441-7173.

Avaya Phone System Repair

Politon is an authorized Avaya Business Partner with over 20 years experience with the Avaya product line. We try to treat every customer just as we want a service company to treat us. We are in the business of taking care of other businesses, keeping them up and running and repairing them timely when issues arise.

Politon has experience in installation, maintenance, and phone system repair of many brands of PBX and IP phone systems. Whether you need to upgrade your entire phone system or are just looking to add one phone we are glad to help. As an authorized Avaya business partner we have the expertise and support system to customize and implement your IP phone system. We also service legacy systems such as key systems and PBX systems.

Cat6 Cable Installation Company

Politon has years of experience with Cat6 cable installation. Installation, certification, and repair are the tasks we perform every day. Please click on our link below to visit our reviews:

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About McKinney, TX

McKinney is the county seat of Collin County and home to Collin College. Many people in McKinney work for U.S. defense contractor Raytheon, Encore Wire Corporation, Medical Center of McKinney, Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at McKinney. If you are looking for fun, McKinney has the Dr. Pepper Star Center, an ice skating facility; the McKinney Tennis Center; a historic downtown with many interesting businesses; the McKinney Performing Arts Center in the Historic Collin County Courthouse; and the Oak Hollow Golf Course.

McKinney has no shortage of special events. The Krewe of Barkus dog costume parade, McKinney Oktoberfest, Scare on the Square, Arts in Bloom arts and wine celebration, Bike the Bricks, and a Christmas festival, a car show, and a bridal show, help keep the city connected and entertained

Completed Jobs from McKinney
[No Description] Happy Bun Pediatrics
August 27, 2021
We ended up installing all the data cabling, data rack, network switch, Wifi access point, and NVR. We helped the doctor get her office up and running. The customer provided their own security cameras and NVR but we installed the cameras and the cabling back to the NVR. There were no real challenges on this project. This medical facility is located right off of Hwy 380 in McKinney, TX in a new business park. This customer was a pleasure to work with and we wish her much success.
Baylor Scott & White McKinney Baylor Scott & White Medical Center
July 9, 2021
The best solution for this customer was a 6 strand multi-mode armored fiber between the first floor and the fourth floor to join two businesses that recently merged. The armored wrap protects the fiber without having to install costly innerduct which is more expensive and a less efficient installation. The fiber was corning and the LC MM connectors and fiber tray were by Commscope. CommScope Quick II connectors are super easy to install and make for a more efficient installation. The customer also wanted us to install a Cat 6A connection between the upstairs suite and the downstairs riser closet.
Toptracer Toptracer
April 20, 2021
Troptracer awarded this project to us because we have a Fluke DSX 5000 and could test, record results and email them for each data cable. We ended up testing and documenting all the existing cable and their issues. We also fixed a fiber optic issue while we where there. The patch cord had been shut in the cover of the Ubiquiti switch and when the wind would blow or if you touch the cable it would open break and the network would drop. We got this to repeat several times and then replace the patch cord with a new one and everything worked fine after that.
Dominion Voting Systems Dominion Voting Systems
April 2, 2021
This project was a bring your own hardware solution where Dominion Voting provided the security cameras and just needed a company to partner with to install the cable, conduit, and cameras. The only exciting part of this job was someone walking behind the building decided to look in the windows of our work truck while it was parked out back while one of our guys was on a ladder right in front of the truck. I guess the guy didn't bother looking up. The people at Dominion Voting were very nice and easy to work with. We hope the attention and the people they are attracting will fade away.
Top Tracer Fiber Repair Eldorado Country Club Fiber Repair
October 21, 2020
When arriving on site we discovered that the customer had Singlemode loose tube 12 strand fiber optic cable between their Toptracer camera system and their clubhouse at the Eldorado County Club in McKinney TX. The customer was thinking they had multi-mode 6 strand tight buffer fiber so this caused a problem for us. We needed to come back the next day with a fan-out kit in order to terminate the loose tube fiber. The difference between loose tube fiber and tight buffer is that you can put a connector directly on the end of a tight buffer cable but on loose tube you need to slide the delicate fibers into a support tube or fan-out kit to give the fiber enough support to terminate a connector to. We installed fan out kits on both ends and certified the all the pairs as good. Customer was happy with our work.

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