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Fiber Optic Installation & Repair | Dallas-Fort Worth

Fiber optic cables keep businesses running smoothly behind the scenes. When they break down, you can lose internet access, POS or security system and much more. Therefore, it is essential to have a company that can respond quickly to address and resolve any problems. As a small, family-owned business, Politon understands the need for urgency in addressing these issues. We believe in providing quality work at fair prices.

Possible Causes for Fiber Optic Cable Damage:

  • Extreme bending causing kinking cable or stretching in splice trays that causes pulling or stress on the wiring
  • Dust or debris on the cabling 
  • Cables that are too long causing a fiber optic span
  • Cutting or splicing the lines or connectors
  • Inclement weather including flooding or ice in poorly sealed splice closures, holes that have been dug or manholes
  • Aerial cable damage from construction, animals, vandalism or weather
  • Damage to patchcords or connectors during moves, additions or updates
  • Polarity mismatches or misconnections
  • Underground cable damage from construction dig-ups or directional boring.

Contact Politon for Your Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Needs

Whether your lines are damaged due to renovations, animals chewing on lines or any other factors, call 214-441-7173 or contact Politon online.  We'll come to your facility and diagnose the issue and get you a fair, honest quote for the repair.

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Irving, TX

We provided new LC Fiber connectors on both ends as well as a bulkhead that was specific to the Panduit fiber tray that the customer already had installed. Our goal at Politon is first and foremost to provide a solution that works for our customers, ...

Dallas, TX

Texas Security Bank has been a long-time customer of ours and we have been fortunate to help them move into three different buildings. This location has about 200 Cat 6 cables and a dozen wifi access points. We installed an MDF and an IDF on anothe...

The Colony, TX

Our technician provided the expertise to understand their problem and would discover additional resources they currently had to resolve the issue quickly. At first glance he discovered they had a spare fiber with a female connector on it. Once the c...

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