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Fiber optic cables are the lifeblood of your business so when there is damage to the lines, you may lose access to the internet, your POS system, security and much more.  It is essential you have a company you can trust to get in quickly to diagnose and fix any lines and restore them so you can get back to business.

Possible Causes for Fiber Optic Cable Damage:

  • Extreme bending causing kinking cable or stretching in splice trays that causes pulling or stress on the wiring
  • Dust or debris on the cabling 
  • Cables that are too long causing a fiber optic span
  • Cutting or splicing the lines or connectors
  • Inclement weather including flooding or ice in poorly sealed splice closures, holes that have been dug or manholes
  • Ariel cable damage from construction, animals, vandalism or weather
  • Damage to patchcords or connectors during moves, additions or updates
  • Polarity mismatches or misconnections
  • Underground cable damage from construction dig-ups or directional boring.

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Whether your lines are damaged due to renovations, animals chewing on lines or any other factors, call 214-441-7173 or contact Politon online.  We'll come to your facility and diagnose the issue and get you a fair, honest quote for the repair.

Recent Fiber Optic Repair & Installation Jobs

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South lake, TX

We connected the two floors of Texas Security Bank with a multi-mode fiber optic cable. With the primary data room downstairs, we were tasked with feeding the fibers upstairs to different network cabinets. After connecting the first floor to the second, we installed three new access points across the building. In order to give the customer the utmost satisfaction, we installed upwards of 75 data cables, allowing for seamless connection between the bank’s teller systems, ATM machines, in house PC's, and many other appliances that required a Wi-Fi connection. Our team also installed all of the network hardware, which included the network switch, firewalls, and battery backups. At the request of the customer, we also added these to the large wall-mount cabinet that fit the specs of their equipment list.

Garland, TX

The company’s MDF was based on the second floor but needed fiber extension to the IDF on the first floor. Thus, Politon completed this extension in addition to installing a fiber tray on both sides using an OM-3 multimode 6-strand fiber, which was also certified with a Owl Fiber Certification tool between both floors. They also pulled 6 CAT-6 data runs from the second-floor MDF closet to the IT help desk, which helped to provide a hardwire wifi connection between both areas. Throughout the entirety of this project, Politon did not face any major challenges in relation to the installation.

Fort Worth, TX

Their current technology was originally located on multiple different floors, but Politon helped to connect each of these locations for greater efficiency. Politon added two post data rack from the MDF to the cubicles located on the fifth floor, which took about 200 CAT-6 data drops. They then added multimodal fiber between the new data room with the new post rack and the MDF and proceeded to create a new IDF on a different floor to better feed connections to future users. Politon also assisted with cabling for security purposes by pulling cables from eight different access points and POE cameras around the suite in hopes of providing optimal assistance. By the end of the project, the insurance company was highly satisfied with the work done by Politon and were delighted to consider themselves a customer of their company.

Dallas, TX

With their previous vendor, lots of the fiber used was not properly protected with a fanout kit, making connectivity extremely delicate for the company. As a result, they had to terminate the majority of the fiber used. However, Orange Barrel Media did not want to completely eliminate all the technological work that was already done for them, so they turned to Politon to fix what was necessary to help the company run smoothly. Thus, Politon re-terminated the fibers, plugged them back in, and certified the strands that needed fixing so that it met industry standards. Although this may only be a temporary solution for Orange Barrel Media, they were excited to be up and running again thanks to Politon. Working with Orange Barrel Media was a neat, interesting project to work on because of the unique challenges that were presented. Not to mention, Orange Barrel Media has beautiful artwork displayed on the outside of its headquarters, making for a visually appealing project to work on as well.

McKinney, TX

They first ran multimodal fiber to the first floor, where they had just installed a new suite. Politon made sure that all their offices had data cable by installing a network cable that increases available fiber connections. Morrow Renewables also gave Politon their network switch to install in this location, where Politon also put in a new battery that they provided for the customer. The key to this situation was a turn-key tabling solution, where Politon did everything to extend the entire network down to the suite. Everything was working perfectly once Politon fired everything up. From there, Politon installed a customer-provided wifi access point in the center and the ceiling of their main office, which would allow for greater wifi coverage from all locations of the facility. Whether customers were on the first floor or the third floor, everyone would have the same wifi network thanks to the OM-3 strand multimodal fiber that Politon installed. By the end of the project, Morrow Renewables was extremely satisfied with the work completed by Politon.

Dallas, TX

Continental Electronics Corporation(CEC) is the premier manufacturer of advanced radio frequency and broadcast transmission. They have completed various projects and are among the leading competitors in high-power transmitters. In fact, CEC very own high-power transmitters are used by the Navy forces around the globe to communicate with submarine fleets as well as NASA to communicate with spacecraft. While on their campus our team pulled six stands of multimode armored fiber across the building. In order to do this we drilled holes in the wall to allow for the fiber to easily reach the opposite side of the campus. However, while running the cables our team found asbestosis in the older parts of the building. This added an unforeseen obstacle but our team worked tirelessly to work around the situation. By the end of this project, both Continental Electronics corporations was happy to have a new area of their department fully operational with their very own network switch.

Coppell, TX

Long-time customer Ariat Boot Distribution is expanding to a new warehouse in Coppell, Texas. The building that they are expanding to was previously utilized by a tenant and needed some upgrades in order to keep up with the growing company. The warehouse had some previously existing data cabinets around the warehouse. Our team was called in to run fibers and install network switches to the existing cabinets in the main data room. In order to maximize the connections and communications between employees in the warehouses, we installed and plugged in eight wifi access points into the network switch around the offices and warehouse. In order to maintain security, we installed four cameras to monitor aisles. Because this warehouse was previously occupied, we needed to test each of the thirty existing cables in the offices to provide utmost proficiency in our customers' new office. Our customer was pleased with the work of our team, and we discussed coming back for future projects.

Fortworth, TX

The customer had installed a new roll-up style garage door, but a problem arose when they noticed that an old cable was routed where the new door frame was. Our team went in and had to install CAT-6 data cables up 10 feet around the door to connect the IDF cabinet in the breakroom to the offices in order to clear the space for the doorway. They had previously been connecting the fibers with a fiber patch cord, so we went in and replace the patch with some real fiber cable and connected it to the fiber panel within the network cabinet. When fusion-splicing, we realized that the old fiber was not long enough to attach. Thus, our team had to stand on top of a ladder and balance our fusion-splicer for long periods of time in order to get the job done properly. Once finished with the project, we cut all of the old cables out and started the networks back up for their company to be able to continue with their work.

Burleson, TX

Long-time customer Saddle Creek Burleson ran into a problem with their security guard post when their fiber box with the network gear succumbed to water damage after bad weather. In order to increase the safety of their facility in the most efficient way possible, they called us in for our fiber optics services. We were able to take the fiber from the data cabinet in the guard post and run it to their desired location inside the building. After running the fiber, we were able to successfully complete the data connections and have the facilities’ security post running in no time.

Denton, TX

Politon has been working with Pavlov fiber for a while, so when Redpoint apartments in Denton, TX decided to switch providers from Verizon to Pavlolv, we got called out. In order to switch the providers, an extensive amount of work must be done to cut the fiber off from Verizon to re-splice them to Pavlov fiber. It is crucial that this process be uninterrupted, so our team worked for more than twelve hours to complete the fusion-splicing in its entirety.

Fort Worth, TX

The main portion of this project was connecting the two office spaces through data cabling allowing for an extension of the network used. This was especially difficult because one office space was on the 6th floor and the other was on the 5th floor of the neighboring building. Proving to be an even harder challenge as the pipes between the building had been busted and required a bit of ingenuity to allow for proper functionality. Once we were able to move and connect the cabling to each building, it was discovered that inside the office space the old tenant had pulled the data cabling and rebuilt walls around them. In an effort to utilize the old cabling we had to dig out the old cabling and reconfigure them to the new floor plan. To allow for a more enjoyable work-life experience, we added new additions to the conference and training room. These included adding AV cables that connected the HDMI cables from the TVs to an HDMI plate below the TV, and a CAT-6 to HDMI extension data cable. This allowed employees easy access when connecting laptops to the screens during important presentations. We also revamped the entire data rack and installed all the data cabling for the wifi and installed wifi access points. With 140 total cables, our team was able to completely build an entirely new office space.

North Richland Hills, TX

The customer had has come out again to pull a new fiber between these two buildings into the new conduit that was installed much deeper underground. The school has also marked the path of this new conduit and fiber for future reference. The problem in the past is they did not know the exact path the previous fiber went. The project went very smoothly and the only challenge was that the conduit contractor did not complete his installation to a wall mount box so we purchased all the materials to connect the new conduit to a wall mount box and then piped it over to the existing pathway into the building. We installed 6 strand multi-mode fiber optic cable between the two buildings. All cable was tested and certified as well. The customer was happy about our work and is now talking to us about additional projects to their new baseball stadium.

Dallas, TX

We originally went on-site to install a 6 strand single-mode fiber optic cable in an existing conduit between there demarc room and their data room. Upon inspection of the conduit, it was very full and we tried several different ways to get our fiber through it but the customer decided that they wanted us to install a new 2" conduit to match there existing ones for a new path to there data closet. We also installed a Corning wall mount fiber box and 6 port bulkhead. We installed corning 6 strands single-mode armored fiber so if any future tenants used this conduit they would not damage SWA's new fiber cable inside. We certified the fiber connections and have downloadable documentation of the results.

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