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Politon has experience in installation, maintenance, and phone system repair of many brands of PBX and IP phone systems.  Whether you need to upgrade your entire phone system or are just looking to add one phone we are glad to help.  As an authorized Avaya business partner we have the expertise and support system to customize and implement your IP phone system.  We also service legacy systems such as key systems and PBX systems.

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Locally based in the Dallas Fort Worth area we have been installing and servicing phone systems since 2009. Politon was first started as a resource for other telecommunications hardware resellers. The bulk of our business was representing ourselves as technicians for other resellers. Eventually, we grew our own customer base to where now the majority of our business is from our direct customers who we LOVE. We still install systems representing other companies when they call because we are always happy to help. So if you’re in need of a new phone system or help with your customer’s installation please give us a call!

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Recent Phone Installation & Repair Jobs

Corinth Family Medicine Pediatrics

When a power supply fails, it's a subtle but known issue on the Nortel Call Pilot 100 voicemail system. We decided it was the best course of action to pursue the cheapest solution and ended up for making one happy customer. If you are in need of phone system repair in Corinth TX please give us a call today and we will be glad to help.

Symptoms of a faulty power supply on a Nortel Call Pilot 100 are that the lights are still green as they should be with a good power supply but the voltage does not allow the voicemail to operate or be opened up when calling it's extension ports. I suspect the voltage is to low and will not open up the voicemail port switch. Either way, it appears working when it really isn't and that is when we suspect power supply issues. We where happy we could repair this phone system in Corinth TX.

Here is what our newest customer had to say:

Our Voicemail system went out and we called our phone guys to see if they could come take a look at it. They tried to troubleshoot over the phone and basically said the system is fried. They gave us quotes for a new phone system at $7,000+. They weren't interested in looking at our current system or replacing the piece that they stated was no longer good.

We called around and found Clint with Politon Inc. He came out and knew within minutes that is was likely the power source that was out and not our system. He went and got the part and it is now working perfectly. A $75 part! Sadly, our "normal phone guys" were only interested in selling us a new system. Thanks Clint for saving us over $7,000!"

Brenda - Corinth Family Medicine & Pediatrics

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