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Structured Data Cabling Dallas TX

Politon, Inc. specializes in Dallas Data Cabling.  We recently had been contacted by AMLI Design District apartments in Dallas TX for their structured data cabling issues which consisted of multimode fiber repair as well as Cat 5e cabling troubleshooting.  The end goal was to get a networked device on the 5th-floor working but the customer had no idea where the IDF was or any other data closets.  She could show us the port on the patch panel the device was plugged into so that's where we started.   The first thing we did was to utilize our Fluke MicroScanner2 Cable Analyzer.  There are two reasons this was our first tool to use. First, we knew it would show us if a network switch was on the other end of the scanner and secondly it would show us how far it is to the switch.  Armed with these two pieces of information we know that this port of the patch panel went to a closet 37 feet away which we quickly discovered.  After tracing this cable to a network switch we found that the switch was fed by a Fiber to Ethernet media converter.  The ethernet port was defective in the downstairs MDF thus causing the connection not to work.  Replacing this media converter on one end resolved the issue and allowed the upstairs switch to have internet access again.  So long story short a somewhat simple problem of a device not working led us on a path from copper, to fiber and back to copper again to the core network switch to come to a solid resolution of the issue.

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Data Cabling Dallas

Politon is located just minutes away from Dallas, TX.  Not only specializing in Dallas Data Cabling but in phone systems and repair including IP Phones, PBX Phone systems and hosted IP Phones. Politon is a locally owned business that believes its strength is our flexibility and dedication to our customers.

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Data Cabling Dallas

Here is a list of all the types of data cabling that we perform in Dallas.

> Cat5e Cabling

>Cat 6 Cabling

>Single Mode Fiber Optic Cabling and Repair

>Multi Mode Fiber Optic Cabling and Repair

>Coaxial Cabling

>Audio Cabling

>Demarc Extension Cabling


Fort Worth Data Cabling

Fort Worth Data Cabling

Politon recently completed a Fort Worth data cabling project composed of 150 Cat6 cables, a network cabinet, and wall mount wire trays. This project is for a new distribution system of a very popular perfumed product that our employees have previously bought and use regularly (esp the peppermint scented!).  It's a very complex conveyor system composed of the pack outstations, feeders, dispensers and bar code reading cameras all which need a network drop.  Because of previously performing hundreds of projects for our customer, they knew we could be trusted to deliver a solid solution that was delivered timely as well as economically.

Fort Worth data cabling is a service Politon has the technicians with the experience to overcome obstacles in any environment.  Some of the locations Politon has installed Cat6 cabling are industrial buildings, retail spaces, and medical facilities.  Politon also has the expertise to meet all of your fiber optic cabling needs.   With experience installing single mode, multi-mode cable with any type of connector such as SC, LC, ST, etc.  With technicians who have been working on fiber optic cable for over 20 years, we can install or repair any type of fiber optic cabling.

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Structure Cabling Fort Worth TX
Fort Worth Data Cabling.

Below is a review this customer recently gave us.

We have worked with Politon for over 10 years at Saddle Creek Logistics. During that time Clint and his team have become part of the Saddle Creek family. They have done a remarkable job at helping with everything from simple cable runs to running a mile long fiber cable through our million-plus square feet of warehouses. They assist us with deploying APs in the warehouse, setting up conference rooms, and even cable management. We know that when we hire Politon for a job that it will be done quickly and correctly. Thank you, Clint, for your years of help!!




Richardson Cat5e Data Cabling

Politon was asked by Gold's Gym to help them with their Richardson Cat5e data cabling project for a new gym they were building off of Campbell Road.  Politon performed a cabling site survey to determine any obstacles that would need to be factored into the solution and it was quickly determined due to the ceiling height that a scissor lift would be needed.  Some other special tools such as a hammer drill would also be needed on this project to drill through the eight-inch concrete walls to stage external cabling.  Data cabling, Wi-Fi network installation and emergency phones were just a few of the applications Politon helped Gold's Gym with on this project.

This new gym is almost 40,000 square feet and is located at 110 Campbell Rd Richardson, TX 75080.  They have multiple specialty fitness rooms such as the Gold's Spin, Gold's Fit and GGX Studio.  Gold's also has an Olympic sized lap pool that you will notice from the lobby.  Politon was able to install an emergency pool phone and weatherproof enclosure for Gold's Gym to meet local compliance and safety laws for their swimming pool.

We truly believe that we delivered a solid structured cabling solution for Gold's Gym and this is what they have to say about us..

I have had the pleasure of working with Clint Polley and his team at Politon Inc for many years. I've hired Clint and his team of professionals on multiple projects from small cable runs to rolling out 40000 sq ft facilities. He and his team's knowledge of a multitude of PBX's have come in handy during acquisitions as well as with rollout of new telecom technologies. Clint and Politon Inc. have been a great asset to me and I highly recommend them.

IT Manager Gold's Gym

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