Commercial Audio-Visual Services

Digital SignageDesign, source and installation of your digital signage.  Politon can serve as your local point of contact for all of your digital sign needs.

Paging Systems –  Politon can handle any size of paging project from 100 paging horns in a warehouse to a few ceiling tile paging speakers in your lobby we can handle it all.  Paging horns or paging speakers Politon has you covered.  We offer a full range of models for different workplace applications such as pendant, box, ceiling tile or drop in ceiling speakers for 2’X2’ suspended ceiling tile ceilings.

SpeakersSpeaker install services include flush wall mount speaker systems and surround sound systems for commercial environmentsWe can source a wide variety of makes and models to fit your specific speaker installation scenario.

TV Installation and MountingOur technicians have mounted many flat screen televisions such as LCD and Plasma.  Whether you’re looking to mount your TV on the wall, from the ceiling or in the corner at a 45-degree angle we have done it all.  Politon has the mounts and the expertise to meet your need.

Projector Installation ServicesPoliton has installed many overhead projectors since 2009.  Politon can source the projector that best fits your environment and budget.  If you have your own projector we can install it as well.