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Network, Phone, WIFI & Security Camera Installation in Oak Point, TX

As a telecommunications and data infrastructure installation company with years of experience in the telecom and data world, Politon is your one-stop solution for businesses seeking to implement a complex solution in technical environments. For our clients, Politon provides network cabling and services including fiber optic installation and repair; Cat 6 cable installation and testing as well as security camera installations; Wifi and AV installations.

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we are uniquely positioned in the middle of the country to quickly and efficiently service national customers as well as those based in Oak Point, TX and other cities throughout North Texas. We service both stand-alone businesses and nationwide customers, helping business owners resolve their communications and data transmission issues while boosting their performances on the bottom line.

Our relationship with our customers, technicians, and vendors is our primary strength and the secret to our success.

Communications & Data Transmission Services by Politon in Oak Point, TX

Among the network infrastructure services we provide to customers include:

Rely on Politon for Your Network Infrastructure Services in Oak Point, TX

As a business owner, you need to send clear, concise, and accurate messages to potential customers to maximize your profit margin. That requires reliable cabling and network services, phone systems, and commercial audio/visual services. The pros from Politon provide that for you, along with national rollout services, for customers in Oak Point, TX and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 214-441-7173.

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September 17, 2020 | Oak Point, TX

The solution we provided was repairing his fiber that he pulled between his barn and his house by fusion splicing new ends on. The issue was he purchased 200 ft LC LC fiber patch cords not meant to be pulled through conduit. These are manufactured to be used in a data closet connecting network switches and are made with very light material never intending for it to be used underground connecting buildings. The issue was all the pre-terminated ends would not make it through the small diameter of the pipe so he cut them all off. We fixed them all but he will have to make dure no one gets into that closet or they could easily damage them. Ideally, he would have called us first or used a solid piece of fiber made to pull underground that would not be so delicate or with ends alreay connected. We get many calls of people trying to pull fiber with perterminated ends.

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