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Irving Network Installation, Phone Systems, WIFI, & Security Camera Installation


Politon is a network infrastructure company specializing in all things low voltage. Our relationship with our customers, technicians, and vendors is our primary strength and the secret to our success.

Communications & Data Transmission Services by Politon in Irving, TX

Among the network infrastructure services we provide to customers include:

Politon can also help with the design, installation, and maintenance of paging systems. We service both voice coil and 70v systems. Some of the other services we offer are projector and screen installation, wall mount TV installation, music speaker installation and on the wiring side of things, we can perform demarc extensions, network cable testing and Wi-Fi network installation. So if your needing help with some Irving Cat5 cabling or Cat6, audio video or Irving phone system repair we have the experience and expertise to make your next project successful.

Having the privilege of supporting many north Texas business since 2009 we can offer a wide variety of references. We are always looking for great customers who are wanting a reliable professional yet personal company to support their growth as well as there maintenance and repair.

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About Irving, TX

Irving straddles the fence between city and suburb. It is a suburb of Dallas, but more than a suburb of Dallas. It is home to the University of Dallas and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and the headquarters of Boy Scouts of America. Irving is a highly diverse city. About 4/10th of the population of Irving is Hispanic, and many Asian Americans live there as well. About 1/3rd of the population was born outside the U.S. The headquarters of several large businesses are in Irving: Chuck E. Cheeses, Michaels Stores, 7-Eleven, ExxonMobil, LaQuinta Inn and Suites, and CiCi’s Pizza. Politon has the expertise if you are needing Irving phone system installation or Irving Cat5 installation.

Customer Reviews from Irving
Misti Wilks from Irving, TX
5 Stars
Reviewed on Google
Jun 9th, 2021
Clint Polley did an amazing job on an emergency fibrotic repair in the late evening. We are a large demolition company who needed an urgent fix to get the Wi-Fi in our office back up and running. Our first call in the future will be to Polition, Inc. Thank you again Clint for your wonderful service. It was great to meet you and your sweet wife.
-Lindamood, Inc.
Completed Jobs from Irving
Lindamood Construction Lindamood Construction and Demolition
June 8, 2021

This new customer is building a new corporate headquarters and in the process, their fiber optic cable to their building was cut in two twice.  We received this call about 4:00 pm on a Tuesday evening and we couldn't make it there until about 8:30 pm.  Once we arrived we assessed the situation and got to work.  We completed the temporary repair by 11:30 pm allowing them to make payroll with their internet access the next morning until the phone company can run a new fiber from the pole to their building.  The customer was very happy and gave us a fiber star review as well.

Eberl Eberl
March 25, 2021
We tested over 100 cables and finished out a lot of cables that had been pulled out of cubicles in a new office reconfiguration.
Network Cabling Greystar Laboratories
February 24, 2021

We cabled the new lab for GreyStone Laboratories.  We pulled 13 cables and installed a Leviton Quick Disconnect 24 Port Patch Panel.  We also provided a 24 port Netgear POE switch. The customer was extremely happy with the final result.  This customer called us from the internet and needed a cabling vendor that could meet him when he flew in town from Florida.  We where happy to help at his new Irving, Tx location.  


Ocean Blue Ocean Blue Express
February 12, 2021

This was a small job where we pulled about eleven new Cat 6 cables and moved their existing patch panel onto a vertical wall mount bracket so we could add the network switch parallel to it.  They had a very small network closet, so this was not the prettiest solution but the most cost-effective and practical.  This project met their budget and allowed them to utilize all of their office space.  We ended up pulling (4) dual  Cat 6 drops to four cubicles and then add additional drops in two other rooms. We provided a Netgear 24 port POE switch so they had the capacity to use all the new cabling plus the existing network cabling that we tested and labeled for them as well.

DFWHC Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
September 15, 2020

This customer had twelve strand multi-mode fiber that needed to be repaired between two floors of there building. The customer was nice enough to help us test on one floor whith us on the other. After we tested we concluded two things contributed to him calling us. The first was one strand did not pass and was corrected by fusion splicing on a new LC multi-mode pigtail the other issue and probably the larger issue was the fibers where not plugged in order on the back of the bulkhead so as he tried to utilize each pair of fiber in the bulkhead they never matched on the other end so he was getting no connection. We placed them in the correct order on both ends so then he plugged in his lc patch cord into port 1,2,3 etc on the front it matched the same port at the other data closet. No real challenges on this one and enjoyed meeting a new customer.