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Network, Phone, WIFI & Security Camera Installation in Arlington, TX

As a telecommunications and data infrastructure installation company with years of experience in the telecom and data world, Politon is your one-stop solution for businesses seeking to implement a complex solution in technical environments. For our clients, Politon provides network cabling and services including fiber optic installation and repair; Cat 6 cable installation and testing as well as security camera installations; Wifi and AV installations.

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we are uniquely positioned in the middle of the country to quickly and efficiently service national customers as well as those based in Arlington, TX and other cities throughout North Texas. We service both stand-alone businesses and nationwide customers, helping business owners resolve their communications and data transmission issues while boosting their performances on the bottom line.

Our relationship with our customers, technicians, and vendors is our primary strength and the secret to our success.

Communications & Data Transmission Services by Politon in Arlington, TX

Among the network infrastructure services we provide to customers include:

Rely on Politon for Your Network Infrastructure Services in Arlington, TX

As a business owner, you need to send clear, concise, and accurate messages to potential customers to maximize your profit margin. That requires reliable cabling and network services, phone systems, and commercial audio/visual services. The pros from Politon provide that for you, along with national rollout services, for customers in Arlington, TX and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 214-441-7173.

Completed Jobs from Arlington

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June 05, 2024 | Arlington, TX

Our tech installed three Cat 6 wire runs for new hosted IP phones for the Arlington store. All cables were tested and labeled and the customer was very pleased with our ease of installation and everything worked perfectly.

April 27, 2022 | Arlington, TX

Located in Arlington, Texas, Kimball Midwest has been a long-time customer of Politon. So when they needed some new Ethernet drops and a projector installed, we got the call. The two new Ethernet drops in the warehouse were very straightforward. For the new drop in their conference room, we were able to tone out an existing unused cable. Mounting the very heavy projector took a little more work to ensure proper support, but we were able to get everything working and aligned to the customer's satisfaction.

December 16, 2021 | Arlington, TX

We went on-site thinking this could possibly be a demarc extension issue. What we eventually discovered as the issue ended up being a pretty simple solution. Once we gained access to the network closet and located the switch that was no longer seen online by the network operations team we started looking at the uplink lights for the fiber jumpers to this switch and noticed that there were no lights which tell us this switch has not network access feeding it. The NOC decided to do the most basic troubleshooting step to possibly resolve the issue and that is to turn off the power or simply reboot the network switch. When the switch booted back up and stabilized we noticed the link lights are now on for our fiber uplinks which means the switch now has network access. So a simple reboot of the network switch resolved the issues for all the residents that utilized that network switch for that floor. We can't tell you how many repair tickets are resolved by just power-cycling the equipment. The resolution is not just sending anyone into your core network closet to start unplugging equipment but to partner with a company that knows networking and can be trusted with one of your most vulnerable systems.

June 23, 2021 | Arlington, TX

We installed a 6 strand multi-mode fiber optic cable between the first-floor network closet and an office recently bought by the practice on the second floor. It took about six hours to install, terminate and certify the fiber.

September 01, 2020 | Arlington, TX

This customer wanted to utilize us to install a new IT network throughout there facility. We installed a new IDF in the back of the warehouse with fiber going to an intermediate IDF in the middle of the building. The previous tenant had fiber ran through the warehouse so we were able to move an abandoned fiber cable to the middle IDF and connect back to the main data room. We installed over a dozen WiFi access points through the building, about a dozen pack out station, built out two remote data racks, and the main data room. Assisted the customer by installing all the network switches, SFP's, Battery Backups, routers, and server. The IT dept was unable to fly due to company travel restrictions so we where able to assist in getting the entire facility up and running.

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