Security System Installation

Security Camera Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

It takes more than just a high-tech security camera to keep your home or business protected on a 24/7/365 basis in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You also need a top-of-the-line platform for the camera to run on. With Politon, that is exactly what you get with our smart surveillance system.

The Politon system uses artificial intelligence to identify whether moving objects captured by the security cameras are vehicles, animals, people, or something else. You can track all movements safely, quickly, and easily from a remote location with our app.

Our security cameras provide live streaming as well as the recorded video that you can watch from your phone, tablet, or laptop. We offer both indoor and outdoor cameras, as well as doorbell cameras, for our customers throughout the DFW Metroplex.

Politon Provides Security Cameras for Every Need in DFW

Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids, your pets, your front door or your business, we've got you covered. Our security experts at Politon can help you find the perfect camera combination for your home or business. Some of our most popular choices include:

  • Indoor or Outdoor – HD quality cameras allow you to see what you want to see wherever you station them
  • Infrared Night Vision – Provides a clear view of what is happening, even on the darkest night
  • Doorbell Camera  – Seamlessly integrates with your mobile app to monitor visitors so you know who is at your door
  • Image Sensor – This combination of motion-detector and snapshot camera operates from inside your home
  • Panel Camera – Allow this smart camera to take a photo each time the alarm system is disarmed
  • 2-Way Audio – Have a long-distance conversation with children, employees or pets from a remote location

When you need instant awareness of what is going on at your home or office, Politon stands ready with high-tech security cameras and top-of-the-line security systems that will monitor your DFW property on a round-the-clock basis.

Door Bell camera installation 

Video Alerts, Live Streaming & Smart Recording by Politon in Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

To get the most from your security system at your home or business, you must be able to distinguish between useful notifications and random information. We can help with that. Significant features we offer include:

Push Notifications with Video Clips: Get a push notification with an attached video clip when your children return home from school. This same technology will let you know when a package is delivered to your home, when a car enters your driveway, and when the cleaning service arrives for after-hour duties at your office. 

Set Limits to Assure Useful Notifications: Our video analysis service distinguishes significant security events from routine activities, making sure you avoid information overload. Example: We provide an alert when a vehicle stops outside your home, but not every time a vehicle drives past. Create virtual zones or tripwires to further target exactly what you want to see.

Door Bell access from your phone 

Live Streaming: This allows you to view a live video feed anytime from your phone, tablet, watch or computer. View multiple locations from one login and record on demand while watching your live feed.

Smart Recording: Record video clips in response to detected movements. You can automatically record when doors open or when a person enters your driveway,. Record footage from all cameras when an alarm sounds.

Continuous Recording: By adding an SVR (streaming video recorder), you can record footage 24/7 in addition to smart clips. 

Secure Cloud Storage: To scan what you have missed, our searchable library of clips can be easily accessed from your phone, tablet or computer.

Let Politon Install Your Security Cameras in DFW 

At Politon, our security cameras and security systems allow you to monitor proceedings at your home or office on a 24/7/365 basis when you are at a remote location. Get live video alerts of suspicious activities on your electronic devices as they happen, so you can respond as needed ASAP. When you need our help, give us a call at 214-441-7173 or contact Politon online to discuss your security system needs.


Recent Security Camera Installation Jobs

Dalworth Restoration

We got a call from Dalworth Restoration in Euless, TX saying they wanted to have a security camera system installed.

They were in need of multiple IP security cameras that needed to be integrated into there computer network. We installed network cabling in three different buildings and connected them together with the customer's Point To Point network. We created two new remote data closets or IDF closets as we call them in this industry.
Soon after the request was made we were on the job. There where over thirty cameras at this facility installed. The cameras had to be installed in an assortment of locations including a mix of outside along the corrugated walls of the building, attached to the rafters in the storage warehouse and on sheetrock ceilings in the offices. We installed fixed lens cameras as well as varifocal lens cameras that can zoom in to a closer view. Both types of cameras described are IR cameras for seeing in total darkness.

One of the issues we had to overcome on this project was the customers point to point wireless connections between the buildings. They had an old PTP antenna that the customer thought worked at one time. To get it working we had to pull a new Cat 6 data cable to it as well as a new power adapter. So with this new mini-project completed we were able to link the back building into the network for connectivity with the NVR in the main building.

Politon, Inc. has installed many security camera installations in North Texas. We have been servicing North Texas businesses for over 10 years.

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Lobby Camera Alara

We were contacted because the customer needed a company that could install IP security cameras in Dallas, TX in a multi-family apartment building with a two-level parking garage. We installed 36 IP cameras of three different models, (6) IDF closets with switches and (1) wall mount data cabinet in the MDF room. We installed an HP Server running Exaqvision software. We installed two varifocal lens cameras covering the pool and we installed one quad lens camera in the parking garage that covers four different directions at once. All cabling was Cat6. We ran several hundred feet of conduit down the stairwells for new cameras.

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Exterior Bullet Camera

After winning our proposal for a network cabling and fiber solution the owners of Chandler Cabinets in Pilot Point wanted to look at security cameras as well. We ended up installing over sixty IP Security Cameras for quality control, security, and safety at there 108,000 square foot Pilot Point, TX facility. Our network solution consisted of over sixty additional Cat6 drops for computers and networked machinery. We installed five remote data closets with fiber and wifi in strategic areas of the building. We installed all the conduit to the cameras as well with four pendant cameras in the main aisle of the warehouse. Since the completion of this project, Chandler Cabinets has awarded us another project of there new executive offices and showroom.

The challenges that we had to overcome on this project were the many remote data closets we had to create throughout the facility due to distance limitations of network cabling. We overcame this easily since Chandler Cabinets and more specifically our IT point of contact Jerrid D was so accommodating in helping us find secure locations to add additional data racks.

Some refreshing and fun things on this project were working with Jerrid D our IT contact. When your contact is knowledgable of infrastructure and design it makes communication efficient and focused. We were on the same page throughout the project. Jerrid also let us provide an entire Ubiquiti solution throughout the entire warehouse. This allowed Jerrid to now manage and see a topology map of every device specifically connected to each switch port and which users are connected to which AP, along with many more network metrics. It's fun to get to create the entire network and see it up and running.

Here is what our contact had to say about us on Google Reviews:

We hired Clint and his team to design, build and deploy our fiber optic network and 60 camera layout in our new 200,000 sq foot manufacturing facility. These guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. From the minute we brought the network online it has run flawlessly. In fact we were so impressed with his work that we also hired him to build and deploy the network in our new office. I highly recommend Politon for any networking projects. Clint has been in 3 or 4 times since the project was completed just to make sure everything was working perfectly. We will definitely be using Clint and his team for any future projects of this nature.

If you would like to see all the beautiful cabinetry Chandler Cabinets creates here is the link to there website:

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