Plano Fiber Optic Cable Repair

Politon was recently contacted by the account rep for the At Home Store at 121 in Plano Texas in regards to a Plano fiber optic cable repair between two network cabinets.

Upon arrival, our technician was taken to the first network cabinet to re-terminate 6 strands of multi-mode 10 Gig fiber with LC connectors. His first observation was that the fiber cable was multimode 10Gig loose tube fiber. This fiber comes with fiber strands that are 250um diameter and are not to be terminated directly to a connector. This was the case when we arrived and quickly explained why their fiber cable was damaged. The 250um fiber is so fragile that anyone working in the network cabinet could simply bump the strands and cause them to break off in the connector. Our tech installed what is called a fanout kit which is basically a support structure that you slide the fragile strands into. Basically, a fiber sock so to speak which gives it enough structural integrity that you can install a connector on the end without fear of it breaking the small fiber strand. There are fiber cables that do not require a fan-out kit for additional structural support but are typically more expensive but are easier to terminate.

We have included some pictures of the fiber strands below without out the fan out kit. You can see the loose tube fiber with the super small fibers terminating directly into the LC connectors. We also include a picture with the fanout kit installed and you can see how much bigger the diameter with the fiber jacket on is and how they would be more secure and strong than when they are bare.


Multi-Mode Fiber without fanout kit for structural support.

Without fanout kit installed.

Multi Mode Fan Out Kit
With fanout kit installed.

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