Fiber Optic Repair | Dallas-Fort Worth

Fiber Optic Installation & Repair | Dallas-Fort Worth

Fiber optic cables are the lifeblood of your business so when there is damage to the lines, you may lose access to the internet, your POS system, security and much more.  It is essential you have a company you can trust to get in quickly to diagnose and fix any lines and restore them so you can get back to business.

Possible Causes for Fiber Optic Cable Damage:

  • Extreme bending causing kinking cable or stretching in splice trays that causes pulling or stress on the wiring
  • Dust or debris on the cabling 
  • Cables that are too long causing a fiber optic span
  • Cutting or splicing the lines or connectors
  • Inclement weather including flooding or ice in poorly sealed splice closures, holes that have been dug or manholes
  • Ariel cable damage from construction, animals, vandalism or weather
  • Damage to patchcords or connectors during moves, additions or updates
  • Polarity mismatches or misconnections
  • Underground cable damage from construction dig-ups or directional boring.

Contact Politon for Your Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Needs

Whether your lines are damaged due to renovations, animals chewing on lines or any other factors, call 214-441-7173 or contact Politon online.  We'll come to your facility and diagnose the issue and get you a fair, honest quote for the repair.

Recent Fiber Optic Repair & Installation Jobs

Reddy Ice Logo

February 3, 2021 | Dallas, TX

This was a great project for us and had many different installation applications.  This Dallas data cabling job consisted of over 400 cables as well as a fiber optic demarc extension.  We installed six projectors, 6 pull-down screens, ten flat screen tv's with one being an 85" flat screen in the ...

Fort Worth Christian

January 18, 2021 | North Richland Hills, TX

In order to get this customer back to their original state before their fiber was dug up, we needed to pull a new fiber between the buildings.  Splicing in an open ditch that needed more digging under the repaired fiber was not a good option especially since the cable ...

USA Pro Svcs Logo

January 7, 2021 | Dallas, TX

We ended up terminating and testing this fiber optic cable with customer provided LC unicam connectors. Tested and certified all 6 strands between the floors.  The only obstacle was there was no light in one of the network closets so we used flashlights.

Fruit Of The Earth

December 17, 2020 | Fort Worth, TX

This was a pretty typical warehouse fiber installation.  The only difficulty we had was that they did not want to use our originally proposed network cabinets but wanted to use a more subtle enclosure that you would not suspect network equipment was in it such as a NEMA type ...

Silver Creek Materials Logo

December 6, 2020 | Fort Worth, TX

The solution we implemented was an outdoor loose tube single-mode fiber installation with 6 strands at their Fort Worth TX location.  The fiber cable pull through underground conduit with several ninety degrees turns was very difficult but we got it pulled.  The next step was to strip back the ...

Western Flyer

October 26, 2020 | Midlothian, TX

This customer thought they had damaged their fiber between their main building and their repair center down a hill on their property. When we inspected the fiber we noticed they had armored 6 strands multi-mode fiber optic cable running through the conduit. The cable did not appear damaged so we decided ...

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