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Fiber Optic Installation & Repair | Dallas-Fort Worth

Fiber optic cables are the lifeblood of your business so when there is damage to the lines, you may lose access to the internet, your POS system, security and much more.  It is essential you have a company you can trust to get in quickly to diagnose and fix any lines and restore them so you can get back to business.

Possible Causes for Fiber Optic Cable Damage:

  • Extreme bending causing kinking cable or stretching in splice trays that causes pulling or stress on the wiring
  • Dust or debris on the cabling 
  • Cables that are too long causing a fiber optic span
  • Cutting or splicing the lines or connectors
  • Inclement weather including flooding or ice in poorly sealed splice closures, holes that have been dug or manholes
  • Ariel cable damage from construction, animals, vandalism or weather
  • Damage to patchcords or connectors during moves, additions or updates
  • Polarity mismatches or misconnections
  • Underground cable damage from construction dig-ups or directional boring.

Contact Politon for Your Fiber Optic Installation & Repair Needs

Whether your lines are damaged due to renovations, animals chewing on lines or any other factors, call 214-441-7173 or contact Politon online.  We'll come to your facility and diagnose the issue and get you a fair, honest quote for the repair.


Recent Fiber Optic Repair & Installation Jobs

Avis Rental

We had the pleasure of getting to help Avis get their network back up and running at the airport. We suspected it was a fiber optic issue. With some basic troubleshooting, we discovered that someone had hit the boot of the fiber connector breaking the fiber inside the boot. Once we replaced the fiber connector there network came back up.

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Staley Steel

We went on-site to repair a multi-mode 62.5-micron fiber optic cable. The tech on site discovered that when shining a laser (Visual Fault Locator) in the fiber it appeared to be broken right at the back of the connector. The tech decided to replace the connector with a new SC multi-mode connector. The tech did a field inspection with a microscope and the core of the glass was clear so we plugged it back into the fiber port on the network switch and the network came back up. The customer was happy and we packed up.

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Fiber Optic Repair Fort Worth

The customer told us they think they are having network speed issues in an outbuilding at there estate in Fort Worth. We are unable to say where this was in Fort Worth but it was for a celebrity on TV which was very interesting. There were several issues here, the first was that their fiber was smashed into a wad of cable in the wall with a connector on it coming out of a single gang low voltage bracket with a fiber connector into a fiber to ethernet converter. The second issue is they were using a 50-micron multi-mode patch cord (aqua) on a 62.5-micron multi-mode (orange) fiber, this causes a core mismatch and thus loss of speed. We had enough slack to pull the fiber out of the wall and install it in a fiber box that we provided so it would be secure and permanent. Next, we installed a bulkhead and the correct 62.5 multi-mode jumpers to the fiber to ethernet adapter. After this, we repaired some other fiber in a junction box and then patched it into there network. We tested for approved signal loss which was now in acceptable limits. The network speed was now what it was supposed in the outbuilding.

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