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Demarc Extension Services

What is a Demarc Extension?

Politon can help your business by providing the expertise to extend your data connections and phone lines from the Demrac or MPOE (minimum point of entry) to your data closet in your suite. Extending these lines is called a Demarc Extension. Sometimes this can be hundreds to thousands of feet away. We have literally pulled miles and miles of cable extending demarcs in all kinds of environments such as hospitals, industrial warehouses, offices, and retail locations.

The material used to extend your demarc could be fiber optic cable, 25 pair feeder cable, coaxial cable or the most common just an ordinary 4 conductor Cat 5e cable. The material type depends on the service that is brought in and the distance it which you need to have it extended. You want to balance your current and future needs, determine the distance limitation of the cable as well as the environment the cable needs to be installed in.

In return air ceilings (ceiling plenum) in office buildings, it is required to use Plenum rated cable. In a warehouse, you can utilize non plenum-rated cable to keep your cost down. So needs, distance, and environment will all affect the cost of your demrac extension solution as well as for any structured cable network.

Politon has the expertise to evaluate all these factors and can perform a site survey to give you the most cost-effective solution for today and tomorrow. If you have questions please call us at 214-441-7173.

Below is a list of the most common demarc extensions we perform:

  • 25, 50, 100 pair Feeder Cable (indoor and outdoor rated)
  • Fiber Optic Cable (Single Mode and Multi-Mode)
  • Coax Cable (RG-6)
  • Cat 5e cable

Our technicians are very knowledgeable of the materials and best practices to perform demarc extensions in any environment. All successful projects begin with a Cabling Site Survey.

What is a typical demarc extension?

The most common demarc extension is a 4 conductor UTP Cat 5e cable. It can bring in 4 phone lines, a DSL circuit, or Ethernet from an Internet modem. This extension is good up to a distance of about 330 ft.


Recent Demarc Extension Service Jobs

Locus Robotics

We were asked to extend the demarc from the customer's demarc room to there data rack in the next room. Our tech utilized Cat 6 cable for the installation and ran it through the ceiling space. We utilized male RJ45's ends on both ends of the cable. After the Category 6 cable was tested we plugged both ends into the equipment and had the customer verify the connection was up and running. This is our second project for Locus Robotics in Fort Worth, TX. We are so happy for repeat business.

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Dallas Single Mode Fiber Installation

We originally went on-site to install a 6 strand single-mode fiber optic cable in an existing conduit between there demarc room and their data room. Upon inspection of the conduit, it was very full and we tried several different ways to get our fiber through it but the customer decided that they wanted us to install a new 2" conduit to match there existing ones for a new path to there data closet. We also installed a Corning wall mount fiber box and 6 port bulkhead. We installed corning 6 strands single-mode armored fiber so if any future tenants used this conduit they would not damage SWA's new fiber cable inside. We certified the fiber connections and have downloadable documentation of the results.

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