Denton Fiber Optic Cable Repair

Politon was recently contacted by City Parc at Fry Street Apartments in regards to a Denton fiber optic cable repair between three buildings in there complex.

The best place to start troubleshooting is always at the end of the patch cord.  Our technician quickly discovered the first problem was that the SC Multimode Fiber patch cord was damaged by connecting the patch cord to his laser visual fault indicator.  He quickly discovered that the fiber strand had become disconnected from the SC connector.  This could have possibly happened when the staff was trying to troubleshoot the more sinister problem which we would soon discover.  After replacing the defective patch cord with a tested one we discovered that we could get 600 plus good feet of fiber signal which took us to the first building with a problem.  We left the visual fault indicator in the main building on and when entering the storage closet where their data rack was we saw a bright red glow behind the fiber panel with no light coming out of the bulkheads.  Upon inspection, there was a strand of fiber with a red laser coming out of it just laying on the bottom of the fiber tray.  We soon learned that the culprit that disconnected two apartment buildings was probably a mouse.  The symptoms were already suspected because of how the outages occurred and are fairly common especially in data closets with an exterior entry.  The lesson to be learned here is when you have exterior entry data closets to make sure they are tightly sealed.

Fiber Optic Repair Denton TX
Damaged SC Fiber Patch Cord
Fiber Optic Repair Denton TX
Fiber test measurements
Fiber Optic Repair Denton TX
Damaged Multimode Fiber Cable
Fiber Optic Repair Denton TX
Rodent damaged Mulitmode Fiber Optic Cable.

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