Fort Worth Data Cabling

Fort Worth Data Cabling

Politon recently completed a Fort Worth data cabling project composed of 150 Cat6 cables, a network cabinet, and wall mount wire trays. This project is for a new distribution system of a very popular perfumed product that our employees have previously bought and use regularly (esp the peppermint scented!).  It's a very complex conveyor system composed of the pack outstations, feeders, dispensers and bar code reading cameras all which need a network drop.  Because of previously performing hundreds of projects for our customer, they knew we could be trusted to deliver a solid solution that was delivered timely as well as economically.

Fort Worth data cabling is a service Politon has the technicians with the experience to overcome obstacles in any environment.  Some of the locations Politon has installed Cat6 cabling are industrial buildings, retail spaces, and medical facilities.  Politon also has the expertise to meet all of your fiber optic cabling needs.   With experience installing single mode, multi-mode cable with any type of connector such as SC, LC, ST, etc.  With technicians who have been working on fiber optic cable for over 20 years, we can install or repair any type of fiber optic cabling.

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Fort Worth Data Cabling.

Below is a review this customer recently gave us.

We have worked with Politon for over 10 years at Saddle Creek Logistics. During that time Clint and his team have become part of the Saddle Creek family. They have done a remarkable job at helping with everything from simple cable runs to running a mile long fiber cable through our million-plus square feet of warehouses. They assist us with deploying APs in the warehouse, setting up conference rooms, and even cable management. We know that when we hire Politon for a job that it will be done quickly and correctly. Thank you, Clint, for your years of help!!