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Seth Polley

Operations and IT Manager

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Posted on Politon

We are so thankful for the service we received from Politon, Inc. All of our Wi-Fi needs have been taken care of within one day. They were very kind and walked us through the management of the new network. Now we have strong reliable internet throughout our warehouse and office. Thank you!

Forney, TX

Clint and his team were VERY professional and also very kind. They came at a time when we really needed their help and they were able to take care of everything we needed to set up and install access points and get our entire church connected and ready for our grand opening! Very thankful for them.

Pilot Point, TX

Posted on Politon

We hired Clint and his team to design, build and deploy our fiber optic network and 60 camera layout in our new 200,000 sq foot manufacturing facility. These guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. From the minute we brought the network online it has run flawlessly. In fact we were so impressed with his work that we also hired him to build and deploy the network in our new office. I highly recommend Politon for any networking projects. Clint has been in 3 or 4 times since the project was completed just to make sure everything was working perfectly. We will definitely be using Clint and his team for any future projects of this nature.

Jobs Completed by Seth Polley

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Irving, TX

May 6, 2024

We provided new LC Fiber connectors on both ends as well as a bulkhead that was specific to the Panduit fiber tray that the customer already had installed. Our goal at Politon is first and foremost to provide a solution that works for our customers, and often that means working with what is already onsite and making use of the resources our customers provide. In the Demarc, we provided a wall-mount Corning Fiber box with an appropriate 6 port bulkhead. The customer is moving forward with 2nd and 3rd phases of the IT infrastructure installation and we are happy to work with them to meet their needs.

Fort Worth, TX

April 26, 2024

The initial phase of this solution is to install paging horns and ceiling speakers throughout the facility. The second phase of this project is to install SIP paging strobes and emergency push buttons that can alert the employees with a specific message on the speakers and a matching color on the strobes. The first phase of the project was s success with all the horns installed and connected back to the SIP paging server.

Grand Prairie, TX

March 27, 2024

We implemented a Wifi solution for both the warehouse and office areas, installing around eight Wifi access points in the warehouse and one in the office. For security purposes, we set up eight cameras in the warehouse, two in the office, and one outside the building. Hikvision cameras were chosen due to the customer's preference for cost-effective, high-quality cameras that did not require NDAA compliance. Additionally, Hikvision cameras are also used in their other facilities.

Fort Worth, TX

December 18, 2023

We ran the cable from their IDF to the exterior of the building. For a professional look, we drilled through the 8-inch thick concrete exterior wall, ran conduit on the interior side, and mounted the box for the time clock, as pictured. There was a previous hole drilled in the concrete wall that the customer did not want to utilize, so we sealed the hole on both sides. We tested the cable using our Fluke tester, and the customer was satisfied with our work. We look forward to doing more for DiMare Fresh.

McKinney, TX

December 15, 2023

We used a few new pieces of equipment from Ubiquiti for this project. First, because of a space limitation, the customer could not have a typical Ubiquiti Dream Machine that we usually install, so instead we used the Ubiquiti Dream Router. The customer provided us with a shelf to install which gave plenty of room for our equipment along with the Starlink device the customer was sourcing their internet connection from. For the Wifi coverage, we used the Ubiquiti AC Mesh Pro, a powerful Access Point that can provide fast internet speeds from more than 200 feet away, which met our customer's needs perfectly. We are experienced with working with Ubiquiti and StarLink products, making for an easy installation and configuring experience for us and our customer. We look forward to coming out and doing more work for Hide and Seek Recovery!

Pilot Point, TX

December 12, 2023

We installed IP Cameras within four separate buildings each with its own NVR. The customer did not want to network these buildings together but wanted to have remote access to the NVR of each building. We installed approximately 40 IP security cameras with infra-red night vision. Some cameras are mounted on an arm on the exterior and others are flush mounted on the ceiling within the building. Overall this project went very well. We have had to do some follow-up training with the customer on accessing his cameras with his desktop as well as his cell phone. Our crew did enjoy eating at a restaurant they had never tried before - Uncle Betos in Pilot Point. They serve good chips and hot sauce if you're ever in the area.

Fort Worth, TX

October 31, 2023

Politon helped Siemons with a two-part network project in south Fort Worth, TX. The largest part of the project was to install directional Wifi antennas in each row of the racking in their warehouse. This involved mounting both the Wifi access point and the additional external directional antenna. We numbered each board according to the customer's numbering scheme and painted it the required color as well. These Cisco directional antennas are great in narrow high racking with the range extending just beyond the end of both ends of the racking. The second part of the project was to install data cabling to several desk locations. Each location had a triple drop inside liquid-tight flexible conduit with a strain wire mesh support at the top. On the bottom of the drop was a four-square box with a face plate. All cabling for both the data drops and the Wifi is Siemons data cabling. Siemons has been very happy with our work and has asked us to work on several other projects for them as well in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Politon is a Siemons Certified Installer with all the required test equipment and certifications that professional installation requires. Siemons offers a 25-year cabling warranty on Certified Installation.

Lewisville, TX

October 27, 2023

Hilti wanted a new paging system mainly for emergency pages throughout the facility. We installed around 14 of the Valcom 30-watt paging horns and four ceiling-mounted speakers through the open areas of the office. This project took several of our techs about a week to complete. The customer was very happy with our work and asked us to give them a quote on another project. We installed two desk top microphones per the customers request for paging access.

Dallas, TX

September 28, 2023

Texas Security Bank has been a long-time customer of ours and we have been fortunate to help them move into three different buildings. This location has about 200 Cat 6 cables and a dozen wifi access points. We installed an MDF and an IDF on another floor with OM3 fiber connecting the two suites. We also installed data drops behind the TVs and HDMI Cat 6 extensions to the conference tables to the TVs as well.

Grand Prairie, TX

August 25, 2023

We provided a solution utilizing Ubiquiti equipment, our preferred brand due to ease of installation and use. We installed a new network cabinet in the middle of the warehouse to provide better coverage and connected it to the MDF via fiber optic cable. We installed 10 Wifi access points throughout the warehouse and were able to seamlessly phase out the old mesh-based network with no downtime for our customer. Utilizing one of our new tools, the AirCheck G3 Pro, we were able to validate the effectiveness of the new Wi-Fi network in the warehouse. A heat map of the results is included in this post. The customer was pleased with our solution as well as the result of the analysis and we look forward to doing more business with NOK Recommerce!

Denton, TX

August 18, 2023

This was a BYOD (Bring your own device) installation for us with Denton Calvary. The customer had approximately thirty Fortinet Wi-Fi access points that he needed cabled and installed. With the new fiber backbone across the campus, all the Wi-Fi can be linked back to the MDF at 1 Gig connections. This project was challenging because the customer wanted it installed before school started back which meant extremely hot attic spaces. The other challenge is that getting cable to the second floor of some buildings required installing conduit but other than that it went very well and the customer has had us come back on a few smaller projects.

Denton, TX

August 4, 2023

We installed over 1000 feet of armored and unarmored OM3 Fiber Optic Cable through hundreds of feet of EMT conduit, fully implementing a solution that seamlessly connected all five buildings of the Private School's campus. We also installed a new network cabinet that enabled the customer to secure their network equipment in a space that was only accessible to authorized personnel. The customer was pleased with our solution and we have since completed two more projects for Denton Calvary Academy.

McKinney, TX

August 2, 2023

For this paging installation project, we installed Valcom V9028 2' x 2' lay-in ceiling speakers and we utilized a Ubiquiti ATA to connect our analog paging system to the IP phones at the facility. The customer provided the Ubiquiti phones and the Ubiquiti ATA for the handoff to our Valcom paging gateway. We connected all the speakers on both the first and second floor to the talk path output of the Valcom and tested each speaker by playing music across the paging system. After each speaker was adjusted we set the Valcom Paging Gateway to delayed announcement. The customer was very pleased with the solution.

Denton, TX

June 21, 2023

Our tech installed new network equipment along with replacing old APs with 2 new Ubiquiti (brand) APs. This helped improve the coverage throughout the restaurant. He also configured his new Wi-Fi network so that there are now private Wi-Fi and guest Wi-Fi for patrons to join, increasing the security of the network.

Grapevine, TX

June 16, 2023

Our technicians ran 12 cables from an IDF cabinet to the area where the workstations will be. We also switched out some old IT equipment and replaced it with equipment provided by our customer.

Dallas, TX

June 2, 2023

Our techs installed fiber cables from the dealership out to the new EV island. We also networked a data cable out to each of the charging stations. Additionally, we installed Wi-Fi for customers to use while charging their cars or using the dog park. We were honored to help our client get the first island up and running.

McKinney, TX

May 27, 2023

Using materials supplied by the client, our technicians installed 10 network drops in the warehouse to each workstation. We also installed 7 APs in the warehouse and one in the office to ensure consistent coverage. Additionally, we installed a new network cabinet in the office. Our technicians completed this job on a Saturday to help the client minimize these upgrades’ impact on their productivity during business hours.

Dallas, TX

May 23, 2023

Our technicians upgraded the Wi-Fi of the Ariat Showroom in the World Trade Center by removing their old Wi-Fi access points and replacing them with new ones. The old APs were installed directly on the ceiling thus providing less coverage. To solve this problem, Seth and Jose installed the new APs using pendant mounts.

McKinney, TX

February 20, 2023

We added two network cabinets by running shielded fiber connections into their warehouse. We then networked their CNC machines to the cabinets via CAT6 cable. Once we cabled the CNC machines, we then redid their Wi-Fi to further improve the connection out in the warehouse. Our techs also installed a dozen security cameras inside and outside the warehouse. The customer was very satisfied with our work and we enjoyed working with them.

Denton, TX

February 2, 2023

Our team led by Clint Polly installed four security cameras along the exterior of the building. Strategically pointed at the backyard, parking lot, front, and side porches. An interesting feature we installed at the CCC included a monitor located directly by the front door for students to be aware of their surroundings at a glance and have a sense of safety as they leave the building. A hurdle our team overcame began with the installation of the wiring for the revamped security system. As the building is multistory, there was no crawl space or attic, so we had to run conduit along the edge of the interior of the building that then penetrated to the outside of the building. However, we overcame this obstacle by adding a conduit solution with no exposed cabling for more security. Our team worked tirelessly to complete this project promptly to ensure that the students at the Christan Campus Community were comfortable walking around their own building.

Dallas, TX

December 14, 2022

In order to secure their Wi-Fi connection, we added seven new Wi-Fi access points that allow their handheld RF guns to be used efficiently anywhere in the warehouse. Before the day was complete, we also installed a dual network drop to accommodate a new workstation and provided a sixteen-port network switch that was uplinked to all the new Wi-Fi access points.

Fort Worth, TX

July 26, 2022

The main portion of this project was connecting the two office spaces through data cabling allowing for an extension of the network used. This was especially difficult because one office space was on the 6th floor and the other was on the 5th floor of the neighboring building. Proving to be an even harder challenge as the pipes between the building had been busted and required a bit of ingenuity to allow for proper functionality. Once we were able to move and connect the cabling to each building, it was discovered that inside the office space the old tenant had pulled the data cabling and rebuilt walls around them. In an effort to utilize the old cabling we had to dig out the old cabling and reconfigure them to the new floor plan. To allow for a more enjoyable work-life experience, we added new additions to the conference and training room. These included adding AV cables that connected the HDMI cables from the TVs to an HDMI plate below the TV, and a CAT-6 to HDMI extension data cable. This allowed employees easy access when connecting laptops to the screens during important presentations. We also revamped the entire data rack and installed all the data cabling for the wifi and installed wifi access points. With 140 total cables, our team was able to completely build an entirely new office space.

Forney, TX

January 4, 2022

This Wifi installation at a church in Forney was pretty typical when installing cable and wifi in regards to difficult wire paths, multiple obstructions, and few penetrations between the floors. We ended up getting permission to run our cable up the inside of a column that extended to the thirty-foot ceilings in the entryway which kept us from having to drill through the concrete slab between the first and second floor. There were several obstacles we overcame but we have great techs that just found a new path each time we seemed blocked in. We installed eight Ubiquiti AC Pro access points and one Ubiquiti 24 port POE switch. The church had painted all their ceilings black so we used black Category 6 cable by Mowhawk with black zip ties so it blended in perfectly with the ceiling. The customer was very happy that we could fit this project in before their grand opening on such short notice. One of the exciting things about this project was meeting a new customer as well as their other audio-video vendors that installed a very impressive AV system. Forney, TX is on the far edge of our coverage area for Wifi installation projects but we think the project was a success and are glad we took on the project.

Arlington, TX

December 16, 2021

We went on-site thinking this could possibly be a demarc extension issue. What we eventually discovered as the issue ended up being a pretty simple solution. Once we gained access to the network closet and located the switch that was no longer seen online by the network operations team we started looking at the uplink lights for the fiber jumpers to this switch and noticed that there were no lights which tell us this switch has not network access feeding it. The NOC decided to do the most basic troubleshooting step to possibly resolve the issue and that is to turn off the power or simply reboot the network switch. When the switch booted back up and stabilized we noticed the link lights are now on for our fiber uplinks which means the switch now has network access. So a simple reboot of the network switch resolved the issues for all the residents that utilized that network switch for that floor. We can't tell you how many repair tickets are resolved by just power-cycling the equipment. The resolution is not just sending anyone into your core network closet to start unplugging equipment but to partner with a company that knows networking and can be trusted with one of your most vulnerable systems.

Denton, TX

August 31, 2021

To get to a resolution on this trouble ticket we worked for them was a multi-step process. First, we had to do a port audit which involved patching in a laptop doing a continuous ping into every network switch port in each of ten network closets across the property. This involved checking about five hundred network ports. Once we discovered and documented the bad ports we submitted our findings to our customers and they would determine which switches we would be replacing. All in all, we replaced about 8 switches that had damaged network ports due to the power surge from the lightning storm.

McKinney, TX

August 27, 2021

We ended up installing all the data cabling, data rack, network switch, Wifi access point, and NVR. We helped the doctor get her office up and running. The customer provided their own security cameras and NVR but we installed the cameras and the cabling back to the NVR. There were no real challenges on this project. This medical facility is located right off of Hwy 380 in McKinney, TX in a new business park. This customer was a pleasure to work with and we wish her much success.

Haslet, TX

July 14, 2021

We ended up installing (13) Wifi Access Points at this Haslet location as well as (40) Cat 6 data cables to pack outstations. We used 24" X 24" 1/2" plywood for the backboards and painted them fluorescent orange per the customers' request for the pendant-mounted access points. The customer let us install their new Cisco POE switches and installed the fiber SFP's. We found a spare pair of existing fiber back to the main data room for network connectivity. This customer is very happy with our work and has hired us for multiple projects.

Fort Worth, TX

December 17, 2020

This was a pretty typical warehouse fiber installation.  The only difficulty we had was that they did not want to use our originally proposed network cabinets but wanted to use a more subtle enclosure that you would not suspect network equipment was in it such as a NEMA type box.  We installed 12 strands of multi-mode fiber with LC connectors.  The solution we provided was end to end including the LC fiber patch cords that would be used to connect to their devices.  All cable tested and certified.

Euless, TX

January 21, 2020

We got a call from Dalworth Restoration in Euless, TX saying they wanted to have a security camera system installed. They were in need of multiple IP security cameras that needed to be integrated into there computer network. We installed network cabling in three different buildings and connected them together with the customer's Point To Point network. We created two new remote data closets or IDF closets as we call them in this industry. Soon after the request was made we were on the job. There where over thirty cameras at this facility installed. The cameras had to be installed in an assortment of locations including a mix of outside along the corrugated walls of the building, attached to the rafters in the storage warehouse and on sheetrock ceilings in the offices. We installed fixed lens cameras as well as varifocal lens cameras that can zoom in to a closer view. Both types of cameras described are IR cameras for seeing in total darkness. One of the issues we had to overcome on this project was the customers point to point wireless connections between the buildings. They had an old PTP antenna that the customer thought worked at one time. To get it working we had to pull a new Cat 6 data cable to it as well as a new power adapter. So with this new mini-project completed we were able to link the back building into the network for connectivity with the NVR in the main building. Politon, Inc. has installed many security camera installations in North Texas. We have been servicing North Texas businesses for over 10 years.

Pilot Point, TX

August 23, 2019

After winning our proposal for a network cabling and fiber solution the owners of Chandler Cabinets in Pilot Point wanted to look at security cameras as well. We ended up installing over sixty IP Security Cameras for quality control, security, and safety at there 108,000 square foot Pilot Point, TX facility. Our network solution consisted of over sixty additional Cat6 drops for computers and networked machinery. We installed five remote data closets with fiber and wifi in strategic areas of the building. We installed all the conduit to the cameras as well with four pendant cameras in the main aisle of the warehouse. Since the completion of this project, Chandler Cabinets has awarded us another project of there new executive offices and showroom. The challenges that we had to overcome on this project were the many remote data closets we had to create throughout the facility due to distance limitations of network cabling. We overcame this easily since Chandler Cabinets and more specifically our IT point of contact Jerrid D was so accommodating in helping us find secure locations to add additional data racks. Some refreshing and fun things on this project were working with Jerrid D our IT contact. When your contact is knowledgable of infrastructure and design it makes communication efficient and focused. We were on the same page throughout the project. Jerrid also let us provide an entire Ubiquiti solution throughout the entire warehouse. This allowed Jerrid to now manage and see a topology map of every device specifically connected to each switch port and which users are connected to which AP, along with many more network metrics. It's fun to get to create the entire network and see it up and running. Here is what our contact had to say about us on Google Reviews: We hired Clint and his team to design, build and deploy our fiber optic network and 60 camera layout in our new 200,000 sq foot manufacturing facility. These guys are true professionals and a pleasure to work with. From the minute we brought the network online it has run flawlessly. In fact we were so impressed with his work that we also hired him to build and deploy the network in our new office. I highly recommend Politon for any networking projects. Clint has been in 3 or 4 times since the project was completed just to make sure everything was working perfectly. We will definitely be using Clint and his team for any future projects of this nature. If you would like to see all the beautiful cabinetry Chandler Cabinets creates here is the link to there website:

Pilot Point, TX

June 21, 2019

G&P Storage contacted was wanting a company that could perform security camera installation in Pilot Point, TX. After we assessed the property we recommended a 10 camera system with extended range infrared 4-megapixel cameras. Not only did we install the cameras but we caught the theif on camera who we suspect was who had stolen from them in the past which was the reason G&P wanted a security camera system.

Richardson, TX

March 7, 2019

Libra Industries was looking for a partner for the installation of Cat6 network cabling in Richardson, TX. This was a fairly large project for us which consisted of over four hundred Cat6 cables between three network closets. We also installed 10 Gig multi-mode fiber between two IDF closets.

Fort Worth, TX

April 27, 2018

Politon recently completed a Fort Worth data cabling project composed of 150 Cat6 cables, a network cabinet, and wall mount wire trays. This project is for a new distribution system of a very popular perfumed product that our employees have previously bought and use regularly (esp the peppermint scented!). It's a very complex conveyor system composed of the pack outstations, feeders, dispensers and bar code reading cameras all which need a network drop. Because of previously performing hundreds of projects for our customer, they knew we could be trusted to deliver a solid solution that was delivered timely as well as economically. Fort Worth data cabling is a service Politon has the technicians with the experience to overcome obstacles in any environment. Some of the locations Politon has installed Cat6 cabling are industrial buildings, retail spaces, and medical facilities. Politon also has the expertise to meet all of your fiber optic cabling needs. With experience installing single mode, multi-mode cable with any type of connector such as SC, LC, ST, etc. With technicians who have been working on fiber optic cable for over 20 years, we can install or repair any type of fiber optic cabling. Please call us today for your next project!

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