Job completed for Catch Co

Completion date: April 29, 2020

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

We were contacted to install wifi and data cabling over there procurement area of there warehouse.

Solutions provided:

This installation of data cabling in Fort Worth was so we could install wifi access points in the ceiling over there procurement area. Each time the customer pulls an item off the shelf they scan the item and it updates there database on inventory and order fulfillment. The scanners they utilize require wifi and the wifi over there area is specific to the Catch Co account. Our techs utilized the customers scissor lift to install the Cat6 data cabling as well as the customer provided Cisco Access Points approximately thirty feet overhead. The customer tested the access points and saw them online before we left.

Team members on this project:

Jose Garcia,

Photos & Videos:

Catch Co.

Catch Co.

Wifi Installation

Wifi Installation


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