Job completed for Lankmark Worldwide Education Center

Completion date: February 5, 2020

Location: Dallas, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

This customer need help with installing a new Cat6 plenum wire run and a customer provided access point.

Solutions provided:

Our tech arrived on-site and consulted with our point of contact and quickly went to work pulling a Cat 6 cable to a designated spot by Landmarks IT Administrator for installation of the Cisco AP. Jose our technician installed the AP and patched it into the network switch. We called our IT contact and verified if he could see the AP online and active which he did. Once the tech left the site we made a follow-up call to our local contact to make sure everything went well and that we cleaned up any mess that we could have made. The customer was happy with our techs professionalism and efficiency.

Team members on this project:

Jose Garcia,

Photos & Videos:

Landmark Logo

Landmark Logo

Dallas Wifi Installation

Dallas Wifi Installation

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