Job completed for Enginetech, Inc.

Completion date: October 26, 2020

Customer type: Commercial

Location: Carrollton, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

This customer found us online and wanted us to give them a proposal for a wifi solution for their distribution warehouse.

Solutions provided:

We provided the customer with a quote to install approximately 12 wifi access points across their warehouse for use with their bar code scanners while picking orders.  The customer had several problems upon our network site survey and that was they had way too few access points to cover the number of square feet that they had and the second issue is some of the access points were not adopted to the same network as the others.  

Our solution was to pull Category 6 network cable and install new Ubiquiti access points in a diamond grid pattern across their warehouse in Carrollton, TX.  We ended up installing two Ubiquiti POE switches in the ceiling of the warehouse and ran each group of Ap's back to those switches.  Each of the POE switches was directly connected to the data room so if one went down half of the warehouse would still be functional which was better than what they had when we did our initial survey. 

Upon completion, our customer was very happy with the solution and the implementation.  This customer was a pleasure to work with and gave us a great review which we really appreciate.  You can see the review HERE.

We worked here for several days and got to eat at one of our favorite restaurants at the corner of Luna Rd. and Valwood Pkwy which is Tokyo Teriyaki.  It's always crowded but a table usually opens up by the time you place your order.



Team members on this project:

Clint Polley, Jose Garcia,

Photos & Videos:

Wifi Installation

Wifi Installation

Wifi Installation Carrollton

Wifi Installation Carrollton



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