Job completed for Bonded Lightning Protection Systems Ltd.

Completion date: September 11, 2020

Location: Argyle, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

The IT Director contacted us about repairing some fibers his employees had installed.

Solutions provided:

We went on-site to find out the customer needed four strands terminated with LC connectors. We fusion spliced both ends with pre-terminated LC multi-mode pigtails. Once we installed and certified those we moved his connection between his buildings to the newly terminated fiber and then tested his working strands which is he was wondering about. They ended up passing as well. We use a fiber certification tool by Owl Labs which allows us to save and email the documentation of the test. No real challenges for this fiber optic repair in Argyle, TX.

Team members on this project:

Clint Polley, Jose Garcia

Photos & Videos:

Bonded Lightning Ltd
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Bonded Lightning Ltd

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