Job completed for Gangnam Chicken

Completion date: September 2, 2020

Location: Denton, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

This customer is opening a new restaurant in Denton, TX, and wanted help setting up their computer network.

Solutions provided:

Arriving on site we found that the previous tenant had removed the patch panel that all the data cabling was terminated on. We could still salvage this cabling and save the customer hundreds of dollars. We put male RJ45 ends on each cable and tested the cable to the outlet in the restaurant. They had approximately 12 Cat 5e network cables that needed to be repaired and tested. The customer also needed a small 16 port switch so we provided that as well. The last step we left to the customer to plug in a patch cord from the switch to there ISP modem once it was installed and they should be up and running. No real issues here just excitement about a new Korean chicken place near the square in Denton, TX.

Team members on this project:

Clint Polley, Jose Garcia,

Photos & Videos:

Gangnam Chicken

Gangnam Chicken

Network Cable Testing in Denton

Network Cable Testing in Denton

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