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University Park Fiber Optic Repair
University Park, TX
July 17, 2020

Once our tech got on site he discovered that the fiber was broken at the demarc box on the side of there house. The fiber was exposed coming out of the underground cable and into the demarc box. A landscaper snagged the exposed fiber and ripped it in two. Our tech fusion spliced both sides of the fiber with a piece of single mode fiber cable. After splicing the customer tested there internet connection and it was back working. Customer was very happy to be able to work from home again.

Friendly Chevrolet
Dallas, TX
June 25, 2020

We provided a fiber repair solution for an ST connector. When we arrived the customer decided to replace the ends on all 6 strands of multi-mode fiber because he was afraid the other strands had been damaged as well. Once the fiber was repaired over one hundred computers came back online. We were happy to help in this emergency network outage due to a fiber issue on a connector. The customer was very pleased and is having us give them a quote for some additional fiber cabling to a new location in the building.

Prairie House Restautant
Crossroads, TX
June 24, 2020

We helped the customer move off of there old 1 Meg internet connection to there new 20 Meg Fiber Connection. This involved tracing down there old AT&T modem and patch cord that fed their network switch and patching in the network switch to the new fiber modem. Once the new modem was patched in we had to reboot the PCs to pull a new IP address and test the internet speed. Once we checked all PCs and POS stations with internet access we were done. The only issue we had was AT&T messed up the dial tone portion of this order so we could not move there dial tone to the new circuit so this will have to be scheduled for a later date once AT&T gets there order corrected. Micki the General Manager was happy with our services.

Catch Co
Fort Worth, TX
April 29, 2020

This installation of data cabling in Fort Worth was so we could install wifi access points in the ceiling over there procurement area. Each time the customer pulls an item off the shelf they scan the item and it updates there database on inventory and order fulfillment. The scanners they utilize require wifi and the wifi over there area is specific to the Catch Co account. Our techs utilized the customers scissor lift to install the Cat6 data cabling as well as the customer provided Cisco Access Points approximately thirty feet overhead. The customer tested the access points and saw them online before we left.

Locus Robotics
Fort Worth, TX
April 29, 2020

We were asked to extend the demarc from the customer's demarc room to there data rack in the next room. Our tech utilized Cat 6 cable for the installation and ran it through the ceiling space. We utilized male RJ45's ends on both ends of the cable. After the Category 6 cable was tested we plugged both ends into the equipment and had the customer verify the connection was up and running. This is our second project for Locus Robotics in Fort Worth, TX. We are so happy for repeat business.

P&L Cast Stone, Inc.
Roanoke, TX
April 16, 2020

This customer had a very unique situation for us to solve. The owner of a very large business park wanted to have wifi in his RV on the back of his property. Since he travels the country most of the year when he is here to check on his business he wants to have internet access. Our original discussion was to install a Point to Point antenna solution but because of the topography and trees, he felt as though it would not be a reliable solution so he wanted a fiber connection. We decided upon installing a loose tube 6 strand multi-mode fiber cable approximately 1500 feet to his RV from his building. We utilized a fan-out kit on each end and terminated the SC connectors to the fiber inside the fan-out kit. The fan-out kit serves as a support structure for the bare fibers inside loose tub fiber cabling. Once we terminated and tested the fiber we plugged both ends into Gigabit media converters and then patched them into network switches on both ends. On one end was the router with internet connectivity and on the other end was a waterproof box with a media converter that was connected to a switch in the RV with a Ubiquiti Access Point. We created the SSID and password and our customer was very pleased with the connection speed which was over 130Mbs. We considered this a very unusual yet successful project.

Dalworth Restoration
Euless, TX
April 9, 2020

Our solution consisted of two NanoBeam AC Gen 2 Bridges and two Ubiquiti Ethernet Surge protectors. We mounted the Nano Beams on 1.5" pipe and fastened the surge protector with a self-tapping screw to the pipe through a previously drilled pilot hole. We used 14 gauge ground wire with a crimp-on connector to fasten to the ground portion of the surge protector and ran the wire to building ground. This solution was pretty simple to build in the shop and mount to the customers' building with metal straps. We had the customer install the management software on their pc since they would be managing this PTP application. We tested the connection which allowed us to see our IP security cameras in the remote building.

Golds Gym Richardson
Richardson, TX
April 7, 2020

Golds Gym contacted us to repair or replace their emergency phone in their pool area at there Richardson TX location. We went on-site to discover there old emergency pool phone was rusted and corroded. We took the old one out, tested the phone line, cleaned the wall and installed the new emergency pool phone. Once installed we programmed the auto-dial phone to call 911. We called 911 and tested with the operator to make sure the phone was working as expected. The new emergency pool phone model is a Viking E-30-PT-EWP. This particular model has enhanced weather protection.

Acme Truck Line, Inc.
Cedar Hill, TX
March 11, 2020

We went on-site to troubleshoot the network cabling at this Cedar Hill, TX facility. When we arrived we discovered several problems with why the TVs would not get a network connection. There was a few TVs that had there network connection plugged into the telephone jack so that was an easy solution. The second issue was the other two TVs were plugged into a switch with no uplink to the internet. We tested there Cat6 cable as good just to be sure the cabling would work. Then we plugged the connection into there main switch and the TVs pulled an ip address. We pulled up the weather channel on each tv to prove out our troubleshooting. Closed out the job with our customer and to please call us if they have any issues.

Identification Plates, Inc.
Mesquite, TX
March 7, 2020

We went on-site and determined this was basically two network cabling projects. The easier project was the Cat 6 cabling that would be running to the IDF cabinet at one end of the building. This IDF was connected back to the main data room with OM3 multimode fiber optic cabling. The more difficult part of the project was the cabling that ran to the main data room. There was an existing data rack that we had to work around and ultimately help the customer move out of the data room after moving all of his network gear into the new rack. We completely built out the new data rack with all of the customer's new and existing hardware. One of the challenges of this project was our lead tech getting vertigo from a previous ear infection that caused him to be out of work for over a month. We really missed him on this project and it caused us to ask for an additional week to complete the project. Our customers where very gracious and kind to our timeline and we completed the project on our second target date. On this project we installed over 150 Cat 6 cables, a 10G 6 strand Multimode fiber optic cable, one data rack and one network cablinet.

Smart City Aparment Locators
Dallas, TX
March 6, 2020

We provided a turn-key projector installation solution for Smart City Apartment Locators. We provided a universal Epson projector mount which is a really solid universal mount. We had to utilize a one-man bucket lift to mount the projector on the ceiling with a super strut. We spanned two joists with the strut and mounted the projector to the strut. The customer had us add there Apple TV to the top of the projector and plugged into HDMI port 1. We painted the strut black to match the ceiling. Upon testing the Apple TV with the customer we cleaned up the site and put the lift back out in the parking lot for pick up the next morning. The customer was very pleased with how the installation looked.

International Solutions Services, LLC.
Arlington, TX
March 2, 2020

We installed Cat6 data cabling to all of there new offices in Arlington, TX. The customer wanted to reuse there own data rack which posed a few challenges since they did not have all the nuts and bolts so we improvised until we got them. This is usually the case when we have customers reuse equipment they had but we are happy to oblige and make the best of it. We installed ladder racking to the wall and anchored the base of the rack to the concrete so it should never move. The materials we used where Leviton 48 Port Cat 6 patch panels, Leviton Extreme Cat 6 jacks, Leviton 2U front back wire managers and faceplates. We also provided the customer with all the patch cords for the network rack as well as the work station. Another task we performed was a demarc extension for there network circuit which was in a common closet down the hallway. We pulled two Cat6 cables to take care of there current and any future demarc needs to there suite.

Locus Robotics
Fort Worth, TX
February 19, 2020

We installed a wifi solution in Fort Worth, TX for a Locus Robotics project. This project required custom painted backboards for the wifi Ap's, Cat6 dual wire runs to each wifi access point, fiber optic cabling between two separate IDF cabinets, UPS installation and mounting customer provided switches. In layman's terms, we installed a turn-key wifi solution that Locus Robotics will us to run their wifi-enabled robots. We had to pull fiber cabling as well as Cat6 cabling in this Fort Worth-based project.

Lankmark Worldwide Education Center
Dallas, TX
February 5, 2020

Our tech arrived on-site and consulted with our point of contact and quickly went to work pulling a Cat 6 cable to a designated spot by Landmarks IT Administrator for installation of the Cisco AP. Jose our technician installed the AP and patched it into the network switch. We called our IT contact and verified if he could see the AP online and active which he did. Once the tech left the site we made a follow-up call to our local contact to make sure everything went well and that we cleaned up any mess that we could have made. The customer was happy with our techs professionalism and efficiency.

Boston National Title of Texas
Plano, TX
February 4, 2020

Politon, Inc. installed seven new data wire runs within the office space. Part of this project was to move an existing patch panel to a horizontal rack mount along with a new network switch and firewall that was provided by the customer. We totally reorganized the data room to make it more functional and cleaner. There were not really any challenges on this project except for some coordination of taking down the old network switch and installing the new network switch. We overcame this by having everything staged toward the end of the day when downtime would be acceptable. Some of the positives of this project were that it is located in Plano right off the tollway. So proximity to the job site is always a bonus. The customer was very easy to work with and tried there best to accomodate us while working in a busy office space.

Dalworth Restoration
Euless, TX
January 21, 2020

We got a call from Dalworth Restoration in Euless, TX saying they wanted to have a security camera system installed. They were in need of multiple IP security cameras that needed to be integrated into there computer network. We installed network cabling in three different buildings and connected them together with the customer's Point To Point network. We created two new remote data closets or IDF closets as we call them in this industry. Soon after the request was made we were on the job. There where over thirty cameras at this facility installed. The cameras had to be installed in an assortment of locations including a mix of outside along the corrugated walls of the building, attached to the rafters in the storage warehouse and on sheetrock ceilings in the offices. We installed fixed lens cameras as well as varifocal lens cameras that can zoom in to a closer view. Both types of cameras described are IR cameras for seeing in total darkness. One of the issues we had to overcome on this project was the customers point to point wireless connections between the buildings. They had an old PTP antenna that the customer thought worked at one time. To get it working we had to pull a new Cat 6 data cable to it as well as a new power adapter. So with this new mini-project completed we were able to link the back building into the network for connectivity with the NVR in the main building. Politon, Inc. has installed many security camera installations in North Texas. We have been servicing North Texas businesses for over 10 years.

Singing Oaks Church of Christ
Denton, TX
January 17, 2020

Politon installed the following items: - (2) 65" flat screens TV's and mounts - (2) HDMI cables from behind the TV's to a small cabinet - (2) Flush mount ceiling speakers - (1) Pyle Amplifier - (2) Stereo speaker wires - (1) Moved one existing composite cable to behind cabinet We used a combination of lag bolts in the studs and molly bolts in the sheet rock for the TV brackets. We also installed two additional electric boxes as well.

Mountain View Church of Christ
Dallas, TX
January 17, 2020

We helped with Cat6 installation at there location in Dallas, TX. We also installed a customer provided camera that they use for live streaming. The two Cat6 cables we installed ran from the camera on the front of the mezzanine to the sound booth upstairs behind the camera.

Alara Uptown
Dallas, TX
January 16, 2020

We were contacted because the customer needed a company that could install IP security cameras in Dallas, TX in a multi-family apartment building with a two-level parking garage. We installed 36 IP cameras of three different models, (6) IDF closets with switches and (1) wall mount data cabinet in the MDF room. We installed an HP Server running Exaqvision software. We installed two varifocal lens cameras covering the pool and we installed one quad lens camera in the parking garage that covers four different directions at once. All cabling was Cat6. We ran several hundred feet of conduit down the stairwells for new cameras.

Dallas, TX
January 9, 2020

We had the pleasure of getting to help Avis get their network back up and running at the airport. We suspected it was a fiber optic issue. With some basic troubleshooting, we discovered that someone had hit the boot of the fiber connector breaking the fiber inside the boot. Once we replaced the fiber connector there network came back up.

Staley Steel
Pilot Point, TX
January 8, 2020

We went on-site to repair a multi-mode 62.5-micron fiber optic cable. The tech on site discovered that when shining a laser (Visual Fault Locator) in the fiber it appeared to be broken right at the back of the connector. The tech decided to replace the connector with a new SC multi-mode connector. The tech did a field inspection with a microscope and the core of the glass was clear so we plugged it back into the fiber port on the network switch and the network came back up. The customer was happy and we packed up.

Dominion Bank
Plano, TX
December 16, 2019

Politon was asked to help Dominion Bank with installing two flat screen tv's in Plano TX. We also ran coax cables to each tv from the data the room.

SWA Group
Dallas, TX
December 13, 2019

We originally went on-site to install a 6 strand single-mode fiber optic cable in an existing conduit between there demarc room and their data room. Upon inspection of the conduit, it was very full and we tried several different ways to get our fiber through it but the customer decided that they wanted us to install a new 2" conduit to match there existing ones for a new path to there data closet. We also installed a Corning wall mount fiber box and 6 port bulkhead. We installed corning 6 strands single-mode armored fiber so if any future tenants used this conduit they would not damage SWA's new fiber cable inside. We certified the fiber connections and have downloadable documentation of the results.

Dominion Bank
Dallas, TX
December 6, 2019

We were asked to help Dominion Bank on Sherry Lane with there data cable installation in Dallas, TX. We installed approximately 60 Cat6 data cables, (1) network cabinet, (3) Ubiquity Access Points and (3) flat-screen TVs with HDMI cables to the wall next to the customer's desk. We did learn a lesson about tv brackets with a built-in level and that is they are not accurate. We ended up using our bullet level for a perfect installation.

ADH Guardian Access & Door Hardware
Richardson, TX
October 8, 2019

This was project was particularly nice since it was a referral from Star Point Properties out of Beverly Hills, CA. We installed all new Cat 6 data cabling throughout the office. We also installed two Ubiquity access points on both ends of the suite. The customer had us install the network switches and routers. Our tech used his laptop to allow ADH IT remote access to configure the router and we assisted on getting there new IP phones placed around the office and up and running.

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