Plano phone system repair – troubleshooting steps every business owner should know

Plano Phone System Trouble Shooting Steps

Step 1: Troubleshoot locally.
The first step in Plano phone system repair troubleshooting is to make sure your system has power. Are there lights on the system? Does the electric outlet work? Did someone step on the power strip that the phone system is plugged into? 🙂

Step 2: Power Cycling.
No, we are not talking about exercising! Look for the power cord or on/off switch if your system has one (many do not have a switch). If you know you have power to your system but your phones are still not working just find the power cord where it plugs into the wall. Pull the plug and wait 30 seconds.  Then plug it back in. If you have a PRI T-1 for your phone lines wait another 5-10 minutes to allow the circuit to sync up to your equipment again before you determine if the system is still down. Seventy-Five percent of our Plano phone system repair troubleshooting calls can be resolved by a simple power cycle.

Step 3: Phone a Friend.
Is the issue that I cannot call an internal extension or is it just when I try to make outbound calls? If I cannot call an internal extension from my phone after a power cycle I should call a company that specializes in phone system repair. If the problem is only when I try to call outbound then I should proceed to step 4.

Step 4: Did I pay my bill?
Many times we step through this process with small business owners to find out they simply had forgotten to pay a bill, therefore, the phone company has shut off their service. Furthermore, if a quick call to the phone company proves our account is in good standing then I would move onto step 5.

Step 5: Call An Expert!
We at Politon, Inc. are experts with over 20 years of experience in phone system installation and repair. Not only can we repair your IP or traditional PBX phone systems but we also install and repair copper and fiber network cabling, paging, overhead music and WiFi systems for your business.

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Phone Sytem Trouble Shooting
Phone System Trouble Shooting

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Dallas Phone System Repair

Phone System Repair. Politon Inc. serving all of the DFW area.


Politon has had the opportunity to service and support Settle Pou Law Firm in Dallas TX for many years.  We were recently contacted by Settle Pou in regards to some Dallas phone system repair issues at their North Dallas office.  Upon investigation of there Avaya IP Office we discovered that the power supply on one of there expansion modules had gone out to our tech drove back to the shop and an hour later we were able to resolve the issue with their expansion module.

Power supplies on phone systems are a great place to start your troubleshooting process.  The first step in troubleshooting your power supply on an Avaya system is to swap power with a known working expansion module.  If the problem follows the power you should be able to guess it's the power supply.   If you are in need of phone system repair in Dallas TX please give us a call today and we will be glad to help.  214-329-7719

We at Politon are all about relationships and not just making another sale.  Our goal is to find great customers and give them attention and service that we can both build our businesses upon. If you're in the Dallas area and need some Dallas phone system repair we hope you will consider letting us prove that what we offer is different and refreshing.


Here is what Settle Pou had to say:

The SettlePou law firm has been partnering with Politon for many years. The Politon team has always been professional, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to questions and issues relating to our PBX installation, maintenance, and support. I am very grateful for the entire Politon support team and highly recommend them.

Britt W.   - Settle Pou Law Firm

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Corinth Phone System Repair

Politon recently was contacted by Corinth Family Medicine & Pediatrics about phone system repair.  After discussing the symptoms of the issue on the Nortel Call Pilot voicemail system it was determined that there was about an 80 percent probability that the power supply had failed but "appeared" to be working.  It's a subtle but known issue on the Nortel Call Pilot 100 voicemail system.  We decided it was the best course of action to pursue the cheapest solution and ended up for making one happy customer.  If you are in need of phone system repair in Corinth TX please give us a call today and we will be glad to help.  214-329-7719

Symptoms of a faulty power supply on a Nortel Call Pilot 100 are that the lights are still green as they should be with a good power supply but the voltage does not allow the voicemail to operate or be opened up when calling it's extension ports.  I suspect the voltage is to low and will not open up the voicemail port switch.  Either way, it appears working when it really isn't and that is when we suspect power supply issues.  We where happy we could repair this phone system in Corinth TX.

Here is what our newest customer had to say:

"Our Voicemail system went out and we called our phone guys to see if they could come take a look at it. They tried to troubleshoot over the phone and basically said the system is fried. They gave us quotes for a new phone system at $7,000+. They weren't interested in looking at our current system or replacing the piece that they stated was no longer good.

We called around and found Clint with Politon Inc. He came out and knew within minutes that is was likely the power source that was out and not our system. He went and got the part and it is now working perfectly. A $75 part! Sadly, our "normal phone guys" were only interested in selling us a new system. Thanks Clint for saving us over $7,000!"

Brenda   - Corinth Family Medicine & Pediatrics

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